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Monday, 22 August 2011

So hey guys, it's been a while. Over a week in fact, sheesh! Ever-so-sorry. I think it's been a combination of being busy at work or with friends, as well as a lack of inspiration that seems to have taken over me. I promise to get back on true form pronto.

Another reason for my absence over the last few days is because I was enjoying my first ever festival at V in Chelmsford. I had the best weekend EVER. There was great food, great company, (almost) perfect weather and, of course, great music. There was no one stand-out act. I simply enjoyed lots of wonderful moments that include - but are of course not limited to -

Singing along with Bruno Mars
Singing and dancing like a crazy chick to Ellie Goulding
Completely losing myself when Eminem's encore, Lose Yourself, came on
Joining in with Plan B when they played Charmaine
And being at my most drunk while dancing (if you can even call it that!) along to The Wombats and The Courteeners

The whole festival atmosphere was incredible. And although I thankfully smell like strawberries and cream right now rather than a sweat/piss/wine/mud/cider concoction, I'd be smelly all over again just to be back there right now.


  1. AWhhh looks like you had such fun! I went a few years ago, didn't the black lining as flooring confuse you though?! xxx

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome time! Some of my best memories have been at V Fest x

  3. Jealous that you managed to get a ticket. Line up looked amazing! I have never been despit it only being 25 mins up the road. I am more of a Reading girl. Might go for the next year though!

  4. Aww it looks like you had lots of fun. I was going but I decided to sell my ticket in the end!

  5. The line up sounds awesome, looks and sounds like you had a ball.

  6. that festival looks and sounds fun! i guess it's kinda like the coachella music festival here. :)

    <3, Mimi

  7. Looks like so. much. fun.!

    Lots of love from Sydney,

    x Kel

    talking about the other woman

  8. Glad you had fun! After my first festival I become hooked and have been to different ones each year ever since (never V though)..have you caught the festival bug?!x

  9. I had tickets for v but sold them!!! it looks like you had a fabulous time xxx

  10. i really love ur plastic capes.
    where do u get them?

  11. Sounds like you had a great time :) x

  12. ah so jelly of you right now...
    I sooooo wanted to be at Vfest :(
    real cute photos..

  13. really love your blog and your blog is so beautiful!

    followed your blog and we would love it if you could follow us!




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