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Friday, 5 August 2011

grey jumper w. peter pan collar: £36
pink tassel brogues: £30
knitted mohair cardigan: £50
glasses and moustache necklace: £8.50
knitted stripey jumper: £40
burgundy chelsea boots: £36
black lace-up boots: £36
black tusk pendant: £7.50
leopard print playsuit: £46
green cut-out wedges: £70

I have no money. So, of course, Topshop becomes utterly irresistible to me.

To me (and many other bloggers it seems) autumn/winter clothing is a lot more interesting, quirky, appealing. Let's make it clear though, I am not willing the summer away! I just have a thing for cute knitwear and, let's face it, the snuggly boots above are just lovely. I'd quite like to team the grey jumper with the glasses/moustache necklace, and the wedges need to be on my feet right now.

Has anyone got any money-making tips? Because this is just depressing.


  1. I LOVE the grey jumper with collar, the green wedges and the striped jumper!
    Much Love
    Roisin Elizabeth

  2. Oh, I love the transition from summer to fall. Topshop is so tempting right now.

  3. I love pretty much all of this! Especially the maroon Chelsea boots - may have to buy them eventually, they are delicious! Tell me about it, I need to buy a new laptop, get driving lessons and obvs fund my wardrobe, just don't have the money!

  4. I totally agree, autumn clothing is SO much more appealing to me. I just can't seem to get the hang of dressing for summer!

    And like you, I have no money so NATURALLY the shops are suddenly stocking loads that I love. *sigh* such is life my dear!

    Great selection ;-)

    Dayner x |

  5. Love the moustache necklace and the leopard playsuit!

    Oh... and ebay? That's the only suggestion I've got!

  6. I think Topshop does winter clothing so well - I've been obsessing over all the shoes they've been amazing lately!

  7. I love absolutely loads of Topshop thing but it's far too expensive for my budget so I recreate items from charity shop finds :) £36 for a plain jumper just seems ridiculous to me!


  8. oh wow all those shoes are too amazing! Want want want (of course I have no money too!) I'm totally with the charity shop idea though - I will only fork out for topshop if its really incredible these days (although so many of these picks are!)
    Have you thought about doing a clothes sale through your blog? I do that sometimes and it's pretty good, sometimes better than ebay if you've got stuff you no longer want!


  9. them green wedges are insane!

  10. hey! like your blog! and these clothes from topshop are really awesome! :) xx


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