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Thursday, 25 August 2011

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What men choose to wear has never really bothered me. Unless you're asking for it - yes, I'm talking about YOU - then I'm quite nonplussed. Confidence, cleanliness and a big grin certainly do it for me.

That said, I guess there's always a certain style that gets your heart racing. A quick perusal through Lookbook confirmed that I have a soft spot for specific pieces: denim shirts, oversized (and preferably cutely printed) jumpers, desert boots, white tees, blacked-out sunglasses, chunky MAN boots, stripes, skinny jeans and a mop of sexy hair.

Do you fit the description? Call me.

And what menswear styles get you all kinds of excited, ladies?

[P.S. This post is dedicated to Daniel, who kindly suggested I do a menswear post while I was suffering from a lack of blog inspiration.]


  1. I like the chino and military boot look on guys, then the Lyle & Scott jumpers. I can't resist a man in a suit either, crisp white shirt, black trousers and tie - yummy!
    I hate football shirts, tank tops and skin tight skinny jeans on scrawny boys!

  2. It's fun seeing some guy style posts for a change! I love the looks you've spotted here xx

  3. mmm, yum. I don't like those we are too poser-y on Lookbook but these are rather nice to look at :D xx

  4. Wooo, thanks for the Firday morning perv!! HA! I'm a massive fan of skinny jeans but other than that I'll settle for scruffy hair and a smile too. I seem to like the trampy look. x

  5. i love guys who look great in a suit! i think it's quite hard to look sexy in a suit, but some guys wear them like they're jeans and a shirt. ;)

    <3, Mimi


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