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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

floral chiffon top: Jacques Vert/£2.99 at local charity shop

An unexpected brand for a young woman to be wearing, yet surprisingly lovely and, of course, very well-made. I excitedly told my manager at work about my purchase and she looked thoroughly unimpressed - she even said 'that'll make you look frumpy'. Whatevs, right?

I have a fair few tops in this style and shape from places like Topshop, and this was a load cheaper. I actually quite love the shoulder pads and 'frumpy-ness' of it - paired with some denim shorts and sandals, what could go wrong? Aside from looking a little grannified maybe, which I'm all for.

Anyone found any treasures lately?


  1. Cheaper than Topshop and better quality I'm sure! I really like the style of it, a bit a grannyness never hurt anyone :) x

  2. Nothing wrong with a bit of grannyness :)

  3. That's a real steal or 2.99! She probably wanted it for herself ;) ha

  4. Most of the time I try extra hard to look as grannyfied as possible. It's quirky. :)
    I'm not a fan of shoulderpads however... But I still like the print!


  5. Pffft some people have no taste! I happen to love anything that my great nan likes to wear.

  6. It's lovely if you ask me. Labels aren't as important as people think, if you like the clothes: wear them!! xxx

  7. gotta love a bit of charity chic! nice find miss!

    eliza x

  8. love your header! i've been singing that song in my head now hehe

  9. You don't look frumpy at all! It's a really nice top, i'm going to check out their site now. xoxo


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