go-to summer shorts

Sunday, 7 August 2011

white tee: New Look
navy polka dot culottes: Dorothy Perkins
black flip flops: Dorothy Perkins
floral pendant: H&M
khaki cover-up: New Look

Aside from a rotten cold, I am feeling rather chipper lately. A combination of dancing the night away on a regular basis, basking in the glorious sunshine at every opportunity, and the prospect of V Festival must have something to do with my ever-so-happy mood. Of course, it's also furthered by my plan for today - the bestie and I are going to visit my sister and her friends at our caravan for a fabulous barbeque. Heaven.

These are my go-to summer shorts by the way and I've been wearing them far too often. Comfy as hell.

Have a happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Those shorts are beeeeautiful! And that pendent is so sweet! Enjoy your time away, I love cavavan holidays!

  2. You look glowing! Enjoy your bbq, it's pretty cold here so very jealous!xx

  3. I love the cover up, newlook have got some really nice knitwear in at the moment, when I next get paid I'm going to go shawl crazy


  4. cute outfit!
    neat post... wanna follow each other =)

  5. Such a pretty necklace, have fun at the V festival.

  6. I love culottes! Wouldn't have been seen dead in them when I was about 10 and my mum used to force me to wear them though lol!

  7. look at your leggys, i want my legs to look like yours! lovely shorts dear :D xxxx

  8. I can see wehy they are a go to, they are freaking adorable!

  9. Love the polka dots <3
    you have a lovely blog!
    I really like it!

  10. You're painting the picture of a pretty awesome summer! The shorts look great. x

  11. love the shorts, really cute outfit! Sounds like a perfect few weeks you've been having. Hope you have good weather for V! xx

  12. you have beautiful eyes!:) and love the shorts x

  13. absolutely love these shorts, can see why they're a go-to!:P your lipstick really suits you :) xxx



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