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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

sandals: George

I guess such a close-up of someone's feet is enough to turn some people squeamish but whatevs - I'm just happy that they're clean after last weekend. I'm also rather attached to my new sandals, which I wore in yesterday. They were in the sale for about £6 or something so I couldn't resist.

The aztec-esque cut-out detail and slight wedge were what did it for me. I'll be sure to show you a full-length shot soon. What do we think?


  1. Very nice and what a bargain :D I'm partial to wedge sandals too for a bit of height (I'm such a shortie) xx

  2. Such cute sandals! I love the cut out detail. looks like you had fun at V -I was the same after sziget festival but I went in the sea and all the dirt was gone in a second!! xxx

  3. I adore these, they're lovely - would never have thought they were from George, very on trend.

  4. Your blog is very nice.
    Great sandals, this style is so lovely. The color is nice too.

  5. Cute cute sandals! And I like your nail polish color. xx

  6. Ohh my goodness I know exactly what you mean! Ugh, I need to fix up my feet.

    Those sandals are totally awesome! So unique and gorgeous!

  7. Your sandals are really pretty, and I love your nail polish!

  8. they are gorgeous! slightly jealous your wearing sandals right now, i think im craving spring!! xx

  9. I love those sandals, what a bargain! Shame the weather's not nice enough to wear them :\

  10. Love the shoes! I can picture 'em lookin' awesome with so many different summery looks. :)

  11. i love your sandals, rosie! i've actually been wanting to get something like them for months now. ;)

    p.s. i love the nail color! :)

    <3, Mimi

  12. These sandals are gorgeous! I like the nude hue! It'll suit every outfit! I'm looking forward to see them at more posts of yours! Lovely blog!

    I'm following and I'll be very happy if I can see you among my amazing followers!

    have a wonderful day honey!




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