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Thursday, 14 July 2011

The best thing about working for a shop like Boots is being the first in line when make-up gets clearanced. Of course, there's the lovely colleagues and the joy I get from helping other people (in case someone Boots-related is reading this, ha). I'm getting more and more into my make-up routine and love experimenting with new colours and techniques, so this little 'haul' cheered me up today at work where I was feeling pretty lousy - let's just say that those beautiful leopard print wedges got a seeing to last night, and I need some sleep.

I can't wait to try the Bourjois foundation - even though I'm still pretty chuffed with my regular MaxFactor Colour Adapt Foundation - and the blusher is such a sweet colour. I decided to also get some powder and liquid eyeliner because I use them so much - £1, what could I say? And I can't say no to a plum lipstick...

Has anybody bought any beauty bargains lately or got a fascinating new product to share with the likes of me? I still really want Maybelline's The Smoother. It's ridiculously silky!


  1. Ooh I love the little Bourjois blush pots :)

    Sounds like you got some bargains! :)

    My bargain of the day was a orchid plant reduced from £10 to 85p - I was super chuffed :)

    Clare x

  2. Ooh, I love trying out new things, I also love finding things in the Boots bargain bin (after their employees have pinched all the good stuff - haha). A 10 hour sleep effect is something I could definitely do with at the moment!

  3. Wow, loving the pressed powder-I use that one! Why is it on sale, please don't tell me it's being discontinued! xx

    Much love Amie

  4. Gosh the Rimmel stay matte is Amazing- use it all the time! Sorry that I haven't been able to visit back, but school has been and still is so busy-not that that's an excuse. I've got a giveaway up now, hope you visit back :)
    Izzy xo

  5. I need to buy lipstick and gloss. I have been wearing a boring no colour gloss for over a year now. I am so slack when it comes to make up as I dont know where to begin.

  6. ooh, clearance make up! i bought l'oreal telescopic mascara yesterday, i'm well impressed! xx

  7. I have that lipstick, such a good colour :) x


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