sunday catch-up #3

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Graduate Fashion Week: On Tuesday I went to Graduate Fashion Week; a somewhat dull affair that read more like a college fair for children who were years off even applying, rather than the hyped-up event we were expecting. We handed out our graduate magazine Segue (and one of my pieces made it on the display wall - huzzah!), got three lots of free ice-cream which was heavenly, and watched the international catwalks which were, again, somewhat dull.

Wagamama: All was made up for with a delicious lunch though. I started off with some duck gyozi, followed by a yummy bowl of cha han - I was with Robyn and Jessica and we definitely out-stayed our welcome by chatting a little too much.

A little birdy told me: The next day, a friendly robin stopped by to say hello.

I like my beats fast and my bass down low: I went to the pub with my bestie Charlee that night where we met up with some of her old school friends. With a bit too much wine in the system, we heartedly agreed to accompany them on a proper night out. Feeling a little awkward with pub-appropriate attire, rather than club-appropriate attire, we actually ended up having one of the best nights ever.

The rest of the week has consisted of job interviews, work, eighties' films, popcorn and the Aegon Tennis Championship: did I ever mention that tennis is the only sport I truly love? Come on, Murray!


  1. Mmm I love Wagamamas. Well done for being on the display wall! :) Been watching some tennis too, bloody rain today getting in the way of things! xx

  2. What a shame that GFW was disappointing, I've heard loads of people harping on about it but I've never had the chance to check it out myself.

  3. Looks like a fab week. Shame about GFW. Hope you are well xxx

  4. You sounded like you had a lot of fun! I've never heard of GFW, it's a shame it wasn't great. Thanks for sharing!xoxo, Veena <3

  5. Fun pictures, it's a shame it wasn't as good as you thought it might be.

  6. I thought that the event is quite cool :O
    But the food looks yummy :D

  7. looks like a fun week, and i loveeee wagamamas :) x

  8. Sounds like you've been busy! Shame about GFW, but at least you got some free ice-cream, hey ;)


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