pretty pleats

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

cream pleat blouse: vintage
denim shorts: H&M
desert boots: Primark
rucksack: No. 8a at the Ace Hotel in
New York
statement necklace: Forever 21,
Times Square
green ring: Forever 21, Times Squa
black tights: Boots

I picked this blouse up a while back and wish I'd shown you a closer look: it has pleat detail down the button section (which you can mostly see in the second picture) and a really sweet collar design (which you can't see at all - must get better at this...) I think I bought it for about £2, which is just amazing when you consider some high street shops selling £40+ blouses with nowhere near as much oomph.

I'm also wearing some NYC buys, as I said I would. I love the necklace because it completely makes the outfit, and I've wanted a khaki rucksack for ages and this baby was only $30. To have picked it up in such a cool place makes it all the better too. This is the Ace Hotel where we breakfasted one morning:

My day has pretty much consisted of uni and the usual, as well as helping my brother revise for his English GCSE tomorrow and giving him a breather by watching Due Date. Zach Galifianakis is just LOLsome and I'm a wee bit excited for The Hangover 2.


  1. Oooh the shirt and the backpack are amazing! Loving all the photos from your trip and am thoroughly jealous xx

  2. loveee the shirt and shoes :)

    kate xo

  3. these photos are pretty, rosie! :D i loooove your shoes! and you got some good stuff from forever21! :)

    <3, Mimi

  4. Lovely outfit! I'm in love with your shoes :).

  5. Short shorts! Awesome..


  6. Aw what a cute rucksack! and I wish I could see the blouse better!
    that exit sign is so cool, i actually put it on my tumblr but it's a set-through link to your blog, i hope that's okay! if not i'll take it down.
    i realize this comment looks like spam but it's not. i promise.

  7. oh, gorgeous blouse. and such great buys from your trip. looks like you had loads of fun!


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  9. I cannot wait till hangover 2 either! More perving on Bradley Cooper haha! Love the blouse, what a bargain that was!

  10. Lovely outfit, I especially like the statement necklace. So jealous that you got to do some shopping whilst in New York, I never got the chance when I went!

  11. love the fringe necklace and the look of a necklace over a button down - i actually did a post on it a while back - too cute. I am so looking forward to seeing the hangover 2 it will definitely be hysterical


  12. Love the sheet shirt deniem combo! and the backpack is gorrrrrgeous! xxxxx

  13. Cute outfit, Rosie!:D I like your statement necklace.:D

    The quote is pretty cool too, thanks for sharing these pictures.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  14. That place looks well cool, love the rucksack! And nice vintage buys (jealous) ;P xx

  15. love the photos. me too, i cannot wait for hangover 2. comes out next week on friday in the UK.

  16. lovely shirt!!! and great blog :D I'm following!

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  17. Hope you had a lovely time in NYC it looks awesome! Loving the backpack too, I'm so glad they're back in fashion now, as I have an old leather one which is now ok to start rocking out again hehe! Ah Due Date is hilarious, although I was slightly disappointed with the Hangover 2 which I saw yesterday x


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