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Friday, 20 May 2011

With shopping magnets such as Topshop, Miss Selfridge and H&M, I think we sometimes forget that the lesser-known, less fashion-forward and cheaper shops can still surprise us now and then. Peacocks has normally been the place I go to for cheap strappy tops or underwear but lately I've been intrigued by a lot more.

£30, £25, £30 - all Peacocks

Their range of palazzo pants is stronger than lots of other retailers and I'm in love with the above three. While they might be a little too sheer, the floral printed versions are sweet and summery, and the more robust rusty pair will go with just about everything.

£22, £14, £25 - all Peacocks

The red tea dress is too cute for words and the floaty chiffon-esque number is perfect for day or night this summer. I love the Missoni inspiration that I'm getting from the middle dress - with a simple pair of sandals it would look just perfect.

£10, £20, £14 - all Peacocks

I'm a little smitten with the lace black peep flats and will just have to try them on when I'm next out shopping. The floral wedges and low-heel black sandals show just how 'trendy' Peacocks are getting too.

Have you bought anything particularly wonderful from Peacocks lately? Or do you just pass it by like I normally do?

P.S. They're offering £1 online delivery at the moment, just FYI.


  1. I love the red tea dress shame their not in Oz

  2. YES! love peacocks atm xx

  3. Oooh, I really like these bits. I do normally walk past Peacocks, you're right lol! xx

  4. I love the Palazzo pants, I think I am too short for them though! Lovely post, I normally pass it too, I am also loving Dorothy Perkins recently too, which is another I usually pass x

  5. I love the lace black peep flats! They're summery yet not in the conventional sense:) I don't think that there's a Peacocks in Canada, but I know what you mean about overlooking a place for ages and then being pleasantly surprised when they've revamped, so to speak:) xx

  6. I think I'm guilty of forgetting about Peacocks (among many others!). The palazzo pants are lovely! xx

  7. I haven't been to peacocks in a while but this looks promising.

  8. love the second pants <3
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling <3 visit

  9. you get some good bargains in there! Im also a bit of a fan of tesco clothing too, especially their bikinis in the summer and soo cheap! :)


  10. ROSIE! how are you lovely?? :)
    Oh I really like peacocks, I absolutely always go there for black opaque tights, they're a bargain price I'd say.
    Hope you had an amazing time in New York btw. I went in March and still haven't had chance to do a post on it yet :S I'm a terrible blogger, tehe. x

  11. Love the red tea party dress, so cute.
    and the lace shoes of course...great choices :)

  12. I always forget about more cheaper shops like Peacocks and while their products are getting more and more fashionable, they still aren't really me and I feel like they don't fit me personally as well as the pieces from more expensive shops. It's pretty typical that it would be that way really as it costs me more money!

  13. cute

  14. Ah I wish we have that here in Canada. I love those pictures up there, especially the trousers. XX

  15. I'm really surprised that some of these Peacocks, I do tend to over look them but really they're just as good as the more known shops just without the right publicity
    I've nominated you for an award because I think your blog is awesome!

  16. I really like the red dress but I have been into a Peacocks maybe twice ever and everything just looked so tacky and depressing. Maybe it is somewhere you need to shop online to avoid the depressing reality of the stores? x

  17. ohhhh - i haven't been in peacocks for AGES - i'll need to pop in. thanks for sharing



  18. i love love love those floral wedges there so cute! (:

  19. I love Peacocks! It's my guilty pleasure, I often find things in there that are basically Topshop rip offs but about 90% cheaper ha. I actually used to work there before I worked in Topshop lol. On the other hand sometimes they sell some things that are very wrong ha x


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