smartie pants

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

tablecloth-esque fringed crop top: H&M
strappy black top: H&M
floral shorts: Tesco
black lace booties: River Island
black tights: Boots
chandelier earrings: Dorothy Perkins

Geez, you can't even really see my ombre hair here but I swear it is. Maybe I'll do a webcam shot soon? And sorry for being so MIA recently - I can safely say I've never been as stressed as I am now with my Final Major Project. Oh well, it will be over next Friday! I'm feeling better at least, which is good. Thank you for all your sweet messages.

There's not too much to update with you due to the workload but as well as making dinner for the family on Sunday - my Mother's Day present is always the food - I also made this cake:

I had to show you because I think it looks pretty swish. My sister was wetting herself when I was making it though. It was meant to say 'Happy Mother's Day' but I should have picked something smaller to decorate like chocolate drops or something because my sister didn't even realise it spelt something. Major fail! So I just put smarties everywhere... the more the better, right?


  1. Mmmmm cake, love the outfit, very pretty xx

  2. Cute outfit! Ooh looking at that cake makes me want cake haha! :) X

  3. That cake looks bloody beautiful!!!! Can't stop eating today, just had a jam doughnut, too nice. Love those shorts!

  4. <3 <3 <3 the the fringe shirt! I am a new follower I found you on greentea & cupcakes! <3 your blog- check out mine if you want!

  5. That cake looks so good. Thanks for your help with my feature on you. I hope you liked it xx

  6. cute top !
    and cute cake !
    have a nice day :D


  7. omg that cake looks awesome! i wish i could bake. i just end up with a big mess that tastes like crap. lovely. loving your tablecloth-esque top! it's lush x

  8. Love how you layered the tops and shorts. Also the cake looks great! Glad to have you back in the blogosphere. Hope all is well!


  9. Love the doily top - it's really cute!

  10. thanks for the comment!
    i really like how you paired the top with the shorts! it looks like a dress! love it

    Kenza xxx


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