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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

coral capped-sleeve blouse: Primark
denim shorts: Topshop
grey cardi: H&M
gold circles necklace: Topshop sale
bronze-coloured rings: both Dorothy Perkins
moccasins: River Island
black tights: Boots

You know I said yesterday that I'd bought myself some bits and bobs for my looming New York adventure, to make myself feel good in some new pieces? Well I sort of ruined that today by wearing a lot of it. Nice one, Rosie. Maybe I can get myself something else before?! Ha.

The simple yet sweet cardi, coral blouse and moccasins were all bought yesterday and I just couldn't resist wearing them today on my trip into uni. We had a long-awaited meeting about the trip and I can safely say I am even more excited, if possible. My friend Robyn and I were discussing the endless possibilities: a bike tour through Central Park, a gig of some sort, maybe a broadway show, unique vintage shops, the Empire State Building at night and a horsedrawn carriage through Central Park too if we become, you know, filthy rich.

If anybody has been before or is a born-and-bred New Yorker, I would love to hear some words of wisdom on what you think I just have to do while I'm there. Thanks!


  1. Love the blouse, beautiful colour!

  2. Nice post! glad i found this blog!

    check out mine? I'm a photographer!


    If you want, follow it and I'll do the same.

  3. Cute shorts! And adore the moccasins! Have a FAB time in New-York!


  4. Where do you find money to travel SO MUCH??!!! I am so jealous! NY is my dream for so long!
    (btw, red/pink definitly fits you)

  5. You look really lovely! The colour of that blouse is so vibrant, beautiful statement piece. I would be the same if I was going to New York! It would be so exciting, I'd even want to see if the mcdonalds taste the same and also compare sizes!... sounds silly but the simple things amaze me haha!

  6. OK bring me a gift then ! :)
    I'll give you the money back pretty rosie.

  7. Love the colour of that blouse and your moccasins are gorgeous. so jealous of your trip to New York

  8. Make sure to go to Soho, The Meat Packing District, Tribeca, Chinatown, Little Italy, Gramercy Park...then you'll experience the real New York.

    For the tourist stuff, go the usual places...I don't need to tell those because I suppose you probably already know. Have fun and take loads of pictures for us to see.

  9. Yay you looked so nice today!! Been thinking if I can remember where this vintage market I went to before is in New York - will have to research! Excited!!! x

  10. Love the colour of this blouse! It looks amazing on you too. Ahhhhhh, so jealous of your new york trip.I need to go. Hope you have a ball. xx

  11. That'ts a gerat little outfit, your legs go on FOREVER!! Jealous! I've wanted to go to New York FOREVER, have a brilliant time! Do all teh touristy things :) xxx

  12. Does it tell you if i comment back to you on my blog? your legs look immensly long here (and really nice, im so jealous)! If I could learn how to make my stumps (5ft3.) look like these i'd be in heaven :) x

  13. That's what I tend to do also!
    I'm so impressed with how tall you look, might try this look on myself, maybe a few pairs of tights to obtain 'skinny legs look' xx

  14. I love the way you layer. Great cardigan and the coral on top is gorgeous. That is quickly becoming my favorite color this season.


  15. I love the colour of your top!

  16. well you look great in your new things deary, i would have done the same thing!! :P

    you must be getting so excited about your trip. i cannot wait to hear all about it!! i've been wanting to go to ny forever so i am very jealous! and oh myyyy what i have heard about the vintage stores!!! xxx

  17. such a cute outfit.
    your shoes are oh so lovely.


  18. I love your pictures! You always look so cute!


  19. nice outfit! :)

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  20. great blog :) . cool/ bright/ colourful .

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