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Saturday, 2 April 2011

So I've had a pretty hectic few days. Thursday and Friday consisted of me helping my sister move to Exeter. From London. This was obviously rather hectic and involved the two of us becoming queens of the road in a snazzy, new white van. Radio 1 kept us company, along with Krispy Kreme donuts, Grazia, starburst, coca cola and Swedish fish from IKEA (obvy). You'll also be happy to know that we got the opportunity to use the horn! We wouldn't have been proper white van mans otherwise.

Then I think I got so drained from the move that I've come down with something horrid: aching bones (which is actually perfectly normal for me but this was extreme), massive headache, hot and cold, sensitive skin and just generally bleurgh. I still feel awful but desperately felt like posting tonight.

In positive news, the above Erdem daschund has made my day. Available for £150 - totally worth it, right? ha - this cutie would look perfect in my dream home. I don't know if I'll ever get tired of this Erdem print...


  1. haha sounds busy, but entertaining. :) and i say you splurge on the pretty painted pooch

  2. Ha, that sounds like fun! I've been doing a whole lot of moving too, in a tiny Rover. Not quite as good as a white van; absolutely ridiculous squishing everything I own in...

    Cute Daschund! £150 is ridic. ;) x

  3. MY SISTER MOVED FROM LONDON TO EXETER TOO! she's at the uni there :) well, she's home at the moment for easter :) tell your sister to go the "boston tea party" cafe - best student haunt! xx

  4. Wow what a move :) I adore everything Erdem SS11 and the daschund is no exception, maybe the most affordable article of the collection?? I'd love cuddling up with it. Hope you feel better soon! xx

  5. I liked the Erdem pugs they did last year too!

    (And Boston Tea is a a really nice chain of cafes) x

  6. OH hope you'll feel better soon.
    150£?? Do you really think it worth it?

  7. quite an adorable dachshund, i have one in real life and i love her very much :) :)

  8. I hope you are feeling better soon Rosie. I think I'm becoming sick, had a sore throat this week.


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