these vagabond shoes, they are longing to stray...

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

... right through the very heart of it, NEW YORK NEW YORK! I'm getting too impatient now. I leave my house tomorrow at around 12ish for Heathrow and it seems like a lightyear away. I wanted to quickly post to say goodbye for a week - it'll feel supremely odd not to come onto blogger every day, and I hope to catch up on everything upon my return.

Any last minute tips would be extremely welcome. All I keep thinking is: do it all - and I will try to do just that. See you in a week with, hopefully, a ridiculous amount of memories to share with you all. Toodle pip! Ha, as Rachel Green would say: "they're really going to hate me out there."

the room

Monday, 25 April 2011

A mismatch of numerous buddhas, aborigine memorabilia, vintage finds, music and my mother's homemade crafts amidst a variety of colour, including that yellow wall, make up my family living room. Favourite pieces include the Indian rug, colourful wooden long man thing, the big wooden chest and our salute to the stars wall. In case you couldn't tell, that last image is of our piano; completely covered in memories. That close-up is of my sister and I with a collection of our favourite teddies. Always a fan of dressing up, I - on the right - was the ultimate poser.

While some say my house is too cluttered, most are enamoured with its charm. I get a fair few comments regarding the room that I take my outfit pictures in so thought it might interest some of you, hence the tour. Some days I have the strongest urge to leave this house forever - note: lack of funds prohibit this - and other times I know I'll miss its eccentricity.

midi me

Sunday, 24 April 2011

stripey crop top: Topshop (last year)
black maxi (worn as midi): George at Asda
black heeled desert boots: Marks & Spencer
dusty purple crystal ring: H&M

That is most definitely the shortest list of items I've ever made - there's something quite special about a simple outfit, isn't there? My mum bought me this maxi skirt a few weeks ago for a measly few pounds in the sale and this is the first time I've actually worn it. Seriously floaty and flattering, it looked lovely as a maxi but with inspiration from numerous bloggers who look oh-so-fancy in their midi skirts, I decided to hoick up my skirt by rolling down the waistband. Who'd have thunk it? Rosie doing a little DIY. If you can even call it that! As MJ from Dreaming Spires said here: it definitely saves you money.

Forgetting it's Easter Sunday (Lord hath mercy!) has slightly scuppered my plans so I will now proceed to eat way too much chocolate and throw up. Bliss! Happy Easter, everybody.

big box little box

Thursday, 21 April 2011

How perfect is this? I've wanted a box bag for a long time but none seemed to be exactly what I had in mind. This Miss Selfridge beauty is actually my ideal box bag - the perfect tan colour, dark brown details (cute corner patches or what?) and clearly, well, a box shape. The website is supremely helpful in that I don't know how large it is. Knowing my luck, it will be just that bit too small. I carry a lot of stuff.

What would be your ideal spring bag? Apart from a gloriously tasseled specimen, I don't think it gets much better than this one.

stab me in the heart, why don't you?

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

navy top: Topshop
white strappy top: New Look
denim shorts: H&M
cream crochet cover-up: vintage
sandals: Dorothy Perkins (last year)
key necklace: Accessorize
scarf: Primark
stone ring: Boots
orange and gold bracelet: Tesco
half frame sunglasses: Topshop

A very simple outfit for you on a simply lovely day. I know us Brits probably talk about the weather constantly but it's for good reason. Whoever thought we would have such spanking good sunshine in the middle of April? Apparently Turkey was 17°c yesterday, 19°c in Benidorm, 20°c in Tenerife... 25°c in good ol' Blighty! And it's clearly hotter today. See, what did I tell you? Weather chatterboxes.

I picked up this crocheted number in a Salvation Army last week some time. It has absolutely no labels and although their ticketing said it was a size 18, I feel like it could fit anyone. What do you think? You've also probably noticed that I've got my hair up for the second time in my outfit post history (shock horror) because I thought I'd give the whole headscarf thing a go. While I'm certain it suits people with really layered hair (see Jazzpad, cor am I envious?!) or fringes more, it's certainly growing on me.

But anyway, enough clothes - back to the weather. If you'll excuse me, I'm off to read my new copy of Grazia (serial killer in Manhattan, just what I want to read with the looming trip and everything) in the sunshine. I hope you have a bright bright bright sunshine-y day!

*spoiler alert* if you've never read Harry Potter but on the other hand, why not?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Yes, it's a scorcher of a day (and I, for one, could not be happier that I have annoyingly-placed tan lines) and I've got New York to look forward to (eight days and counting) but who else is ridiculously excited about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II? Granted, it's not 'til the 15th July but that's not too far away, right?

Digital Spy is great for popular culture gossip and every now and then I pop on there to give myself a giggle or in this case, get ridiculously excited at these released images. To see the feature, click here.

All I can say is go Neville! Who else loves it in the book when Harry, Ron and Hermione first return to Hogwarts and basically find out that Neville is uh-mazing? Yeah, me too.

details of the day #5

Monday, 18 April 2011

took these photos then decided to change my shoes and hat; norm / hit the road with my brother yet again for some last minute NY buys and a quick chat with a guy in Orange who told me to ring up Customer Services - always what you want to hear / a marvy KFC lunch, which is to be my only vice for the next couple of days / a stifling journey home in the car, lush / general sorting and tidying, followed by some Dawson's Creek for good measure.

How has everybody else's day been so far?

coachella 2011

Sunday, 17 April 2011

There's nothing better than Coachella to inspire your summer wardrobe. Kate Bosworth, of course, gets it right every time and the above selection are some of my favourite 'looks' from this year so far. I'm particularly fond of the ethnic accessories that keep showing up and can't wait to embrace feathers and beads to the max as soon as possible.

Is anyone else wishing they were there right now?

little blue

Thursday, 14 April 2011

So here it is - my Final Major Project! I know, I know, you're completely blown over by my Photoshop skills. I'd be shocked if you weren't.

Erm, anyway. I've literally just printed off the last component and it's now all in a folder and ready to be handed in! I don't feel that elated but I imagine I will tomorrow when I've actually handed it over and proceed to get dinner and drinks with all my friends and tutors for celebratory times.

If you didn't already know, my project is all about adventure. There are interviews with the likes of Alison Levine and Squash Falconer, as well as features on an adventure author, the upcoming Tintin movie and vagabonds such as Christopher McCandless. If all goes to plan, it will be released to sea on the 1st August of this year. 'Citing!

The stress has disappeared, finally.

but you can't help them 'cause you don't have the time

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

coral capped-sleeve blouse: Primark
denim shorts: Topshop
grey cardi: H&M
gold circles necklace: Topshop sale
bronze-coloured rings: both Dorothy Perkins
moccasins: River Island
black tights: Boots

You know I said yesterday that I'd bought myself some bits and bobs for my looming New York adventure, to make myself feel good in some new pieces? Well I sort of ruined that today by wearing a lot of it. Nice one, Rosie. Maybe I can get myself something else before?! Ha.

The simple yet sweet cardi, coral blouse and moccasins were all bought yesterday and I just couldn't resist wearing them today on my trip into uni. We had a long-awaited meeting about the trip and I can safely say I am even more excited, if possible. My friend Robyn and I were discussing the endless possibilities: a bike tour through Central Park, a gig of some sort, maybe a broadway show, unique vintage shops, the Empire State Building at night and a horsedrawn carriage through Central Park too if we become, you know, filthy rich.

If anybody has been before or is a born-and-bred New Yorker, I would love to hear some words of wisdom on what you think I just have to do while I'm there. Thanks!

i don't wanna wait for our lives to be over

Monday, 11 April 2011

stripey batwing top: Urban Outfitters
strappy black top: New Look
gold bracelet: Topshop sale
stone ring: Boots
tortoiseshell half-frame sunglasses: Topshop

After completing a significant amount of university work and doing some odd jobs that needed doing, I popped into town and picked up an oversized sleeveless white lace thing - which you'll soon see and hopefully understand more - and a reduced black lace body from M&Co of all places. My brother and I then proceeded to go shopping. And I mean proper shopping. I decided to buy myself lots of little things to wear in New York (two weeks, two days!) because I feel like you have to wear some brand new pieces to make yourself feel fantastic, right?

I hope this isn't the last of the glorious sunshine but it rained A LOT when we were driving there too. Boo! Oh, and yesterday I watched some old episodes of Dawsons Creek because I was somewhat ill. Then, in an I'm-feeling-sorry-for-myself way, I went on my computer and ordered the boxset. I really shouldn't have but just couldn't resist. Who else loves the theme tune?


Friday, 8 April 2011

I promised a post on my travel plans and here it is. Constantly wittering on about a supposed Asian adventure and not explaining it fully was very rude of me and for that, I apologise. But anyway, mega excited!

The 14th October sees me jetting off to Bangkok where my roughly two-month adventure begins. The following pictures show my travels in order:

These are planned trips with Gap Adventures: Indochina Encompassed, Thailand Island Hopping and Roam Bangkok to Singapore. I could happily write for hours about every minute detail of the trip, but I realise that may be a little dull and time-consuming. If you want to read more about the trips - elephant rides, temples, sleeping under the stars, markets... just had to get that in - then just click them and browse away!

I'll also be spending a few extra nights in Singapore at the end because my sister - whose own travels have inspired mine - has insisted on me spending an entire day in Singapore Zoo. I'm not going to argue with her.

Even though it still feels so far away, I'm already envisaging me continuing 'then she'll carelessly cut you' along my travels if at all possible. Of course, posting will be erratic and not at all often but if this is something you'd be interested in then I'd definitely give it a go.

I have so many things to look forward to between now and October but I'm eager to say the least...

topshop brights

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Some people are loving it, some are hating it. I was not overly keen on the colour popping trend for this spring/summer but once again, Topshop know how to make it look good. Their 'hitlist' has me wanting everything and I feel like I'd have no problem mixing and matching to my heart's content.

I've instantly decided that I want to buy a mint-coloured top (not this Topshop one - £28.50, little steep?) and team it with corally-orange accessories. The gingham hairband is super cute, and that nail colour ('Scorch', exactly how I anticipate this summer) would finish off the look nicely.

Also, if you were particularly taken by the banana trend for this year then you're in luck. I was all for it but don't know if I could pull off these leggings (£20). I'm sure someone out there could though...

What's your take on this bright and bold 'trend'?

smartie pants

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

tablecloth-esque fringed crop top: H&M
strappy black top: H&M
floral shorts: Tesco
black lace booties: River Island
black tights: Boots
chandelier earrings: Dorothy Perkins

Geez, you can't even really see my ombre hair here but I swear it is. Maybe I'll do a webcam shot soon? And sorry for being so MIA recently - I can safely say I've never been as stressed as I am now with my Final Major Project. Oh well, it will be over next Friday! I'm feeling better at least, which is good. Thank you for all your sweet messages.

There's not too much to update with you due to the workload but as well as making dinner for the family on Sunday - my Mother's Day present is always the food - I also made this cake:

I had to show you because I think it looks pretty swish. My sister was wetting herself when I was making it though. It was meant to say 'Happy Mother's Day' but I should have picked something smaller to decorate like chocolate drops or something because my sister didn't even realise it spelt something. Major fail! So I just put smarties everywhere... the more the better, right?

adorable daschund

Saturday, 2 April 2011

So I've had a pretty hectic few days. Thursday and Friday consisted of me helping my sister move to Exeter. From London. This was obviously rather hectic and involved the two of us becoming queens of the road in a snazzy, new white van. Radio 1 kept us company, along with Krispy Kreme donuts, Grazia, starburst, coca cola and Swedish fish from IKEA (obvy). You'll also be happy to know that we got the opportunity to use the horn! We wouldn't have been proper white van mans otherwise.

Then I think I got so drained from the move that I've come down with something horrid: aching bones (which is actually perfectly normal for me but this was extreme), massive headache, hot and cold, sensitive skin and just generally bleurgh. I still feel awful but desperately felt like posting tonight.

In positive news, the above Erdem daschund has made my day. Available for £150 - totally worth it, right? ha - this cutie would look perfect in my dream home. I don't know if I'll ever get tired of this Erdem print...