details of the day #4

Monday, 28 March 2011

wake up in a fabulous mood / the usual getting-ready stuff / get picked up by my good friend Charlee for a day of retail therapy / stop off at Tesco on the way where I score some wondrous bargains: 3for2 pjs, cutey-pa-tooty playsuit, floral print shorts, bracelets and work shoes (yawn!) / arrive at Lakeside and spend a little money in New Look - lightweight trousers for Asia, eek! / walk to The Boardwalk and have some yummy-as-hell La Tasca by the lake - beautiful sunshine, curious ducks, and swan-like pedalos / a quick dose of Topshop and Boots / after getting dropped off home, I find my graduation letter waiting for me with all the details - definitely exciting / pay deposits for Asia trip (I swear I will do a post on this soon because I haven't explained it at all) / sort purchases, emails, blog.

Hope everyone's had a fabulous day so far too! The beautiful Chelsea boots I'm wearing are courtesy of Vicky from Aha Shake Heartbreaker - have any of you seen her Etsy shop? I am so so glad I purchased them because I'm in love. They arrived quickly and beautifully packaged too; I love it when so much effort has been put into your buys.

And I'm sorry that I'm wearing that ring yet again, but I do honestly wear it every day. Does anybody else have anything they can't go out the house without clothes/accessories-wise?


  1. I love the detailing on your t-shirt!

  2. Those boots look lovely especially with the tights! :) Sounds like you picked up some good stuff, interested to hear about your Asia trip, sounds pretty exciting! xx

  3. So glad that you love the boots! They look really lovely on you x

  4. I love the booties, very cool!

    The Flower Girl

  5. I've had an alright day today, too! Topped off with an amazing dinner at home, haha. Love that ring!

    x Michelle

  6. That ring is such a pretty color. I'm so jealous you get to go to Asia.

  7. haha atleast you woke up happy!
    love boots xx

  8. i love that top so much. the chain detailing is perfect

  9. Ahh that sounds like such a good day!
    The ring is gorgeouss


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