actual magical powers

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

blue/green floral print dress: Pull & Bear
brown belt: New Look (with shirt dress)
black tights: Boots
brown brogues: Peacocks
stone ring: Boots
sunflower hair accessory: Claire's Accessories

So this dress has actual magical powers, I swear. It looks blue here, right? Kind of a dusty blue colour? Well, when I step outside it turns green - I really should have taken pictures to prove it, because I'm starting to think I'm crazy. Although, it's quite cool owning a magical dress. It was a Christmas present from my sister that I realised I haven't shown on here yet - I felt quite uncomfortable really because I normally wear more layers but I did apply my trusty denim jacket when I popped out to interview my friend Charlee for my project earlier.

I've also ever-so-slightly ombre-d my hair but you can't really tell. It looks more obvious in real life but it's still ridiculously subtle. I'm planning on going over it again soon to add more. I thought it was best to start small than completely mess up my hair? It's something I've wanted to do for ages so I'm glad I've finally caved.

So just a simple outfit today, but I did feel particularly good sitting 'round Charlee's house with the conservatory doors open and driving home with the windows rolled down. Spring is here! The sunflower in my hair was just completely necessary...

[Oh, as was the RAWR pose. I've never done one before. NOTE TO SELF: never do one again]


  1. Haha love the first picture!
    The sunflower in your hair is lovely! So cute! I used to spend all my dollar in Claires Accessories as a youngster. I think my dad actually banned me from spending my pocket money there!

  2. I love this it changes colour its like having two in one then :) I love your ring as well, I never realised Boots did jewellery until Christmas but they do really nice pieces X

  3. I really want to Ombre my hair but I'm not brave enough!

  4. i love your pokadots and oxfords!!!

  5. Haha Rosie-o-saur! Love the sunflower its very sweet :) Glad your enjoying the sunshine.. it was a bit grey here today boo times! R x

  6. It reminds me of the blue polka dot dress Gwen Stefani wore in the Don't Speak video, I love it! You look lovely :) xx

  7. That dress is perfect! It suits you so well, I wouldn't mind owning that myself! I love how the dresses and skirts are out now we've got some sun, lovely.

    Your hair looks great, I can tell you've ombred it a little which is nice. I like how its not too harshly done, very soft.

    Katie. x

  8. Cute! I love the flower in your hair.

  9. Your dress is adorable :) and loving your ring too xxx

  10. That's such a lovely dress! Ive never heard of who it's by.

    I have tagged you in an 8 things questionaire if you'd like to take part

  11. That's absolutely gorgeous! I love it :) I love those style dresses - classic. And oooh changing colours how exciting :) two for one! You're gorgeous your hair is lovely :D xx

  12. hahah love the first pic

    that dress suits you soo much,you look great

    kate xo


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