polka dot playsuit

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

grey polka dot playsuit: F&F at Tesco
tan and black sandals: Next
white cardi: New Look
black tights: Boots
bumble bee necklace: ebay win from Vivatramp
gold 'love' bracelet: Topshop sale
stone ring: Boots

I came across some lovely pieces in Tesco yesterday; including this polka dot playsuit, which I've fallen hard for. A floral pair of shorts, multi-coloured beaded bracelets, cute pyjamas (3 for 2!) and work shoes (yawn) also made it in my shopping bag. Man, do I recommend Tesco Extras now!

My stress levels are on the up after a stint in uni today. Although the tutorials were more than helpful and mostly positive, I came out with a big cloud over my head. Back to my work I go...

details of the day #4

Monday, 28 March 2011

wake up in a fabulous mood / the usual getting-ready stuff / get picked up by my good friend Charlee for a day of retail therapy / stop off at Tesco on the way where I score some wondrous bargains: 3for2 pjs, cutey-pa-tooty playsuit, floral print shorts, bracelets and work shoes (yawn!) / arrive at Lakeside and spend a little money in New Look - lightweight trousers for Asia, eek! / walk to The Boardwalk and have some yummy-as-hell La Tasca by the lake - beautiful sunshine, curious ducks, and swan-like pedalos / a quick dose of Topshop and Boots / after getting dropped off home, I find my graduation letter waiting for me with all the details - definitely exciting / pay deposits for Asia trip (I swear I will do a post on this soon because I haven't explained it at all) / sort purchases, emails, blog.

Hope everyone's had a fabulous day so far too! The beautiful Chelsea boots I'm wearing are courtesy of Vicky from Aha Shake Heartbreaker - have any of you seen her Etsy shop? I am so so glad I purchased them because I'm in love. They arrived quickly and beautifully packaged too; I love it when so much effort has been put into your buys.

And I'm sorry that I'm wearing that ring yet again, but I do honestly wear it every day. Does anybody else have anything they can't go out the house without clothes/accessories-wise?


Friday, 25 March 2011

Have had a majorly productive day today, and Regina helped me through it. Eet is my current favourite though. Any other Regina Spektor fans out there?

mini adventure

Thursday, 24 March 2011

These are just a handful of the pictures I took yesterday on a little adventure I undertook. For my final major project at uni, I'm doing all about adventure and one feature is about how adventure is on your doorstep. These pictures were taken about a five-minute drive away from my house but I'd never been there before.

I would like to point out that I think the picture of the flying geese is pretty cool - they flew around me and I snapped like a crazy person - and yes, I did fall over that broken stile in spectacular if-I-didn't-hold-on-for-dear-life-I-would-have-fallen-down-into-the-marshes fashion. LOL.

A smile was spread across my face the whole time and I had an amazing time - nothing quite like the sunshine on your face is there?

summer accessories

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

accessorize, asos, debenhams, dorothy perkins, miss selfridge, new look, topshop

It's that time of year again when you start to think about what summer accessories will be making it into your life. I love buying new sunglasses so they're always high up on the list. While I like all of the above choices, I'm desperate for a pair of half-frames that are everywhere at the moment i.e. top left, top right and third one down at the left. The tortoiseshell shell effect suits these frames so well, so that'll be my ideal looking pair if they look good on. However, I'm also up for finding some patterned sunnies like the leopard print or gingham pairs. Oh, and I'll probably be purchasing a chain for my sunglasses because it's such a pain tucking them into your top - I'm thinking it will look pretty cute.

My other priority this year is a good ol' summer hat. Every year I say I'm going to get a hat but I never do thanks to my large head. I fear that nothing suits me so I've decided to steer clear from the typical cowboy-esque shape because they clearly don't work for me. I'll definitely have to shop around but I'm thinking either boater or floppy. I love the look of the floppy straw hat with the black band around it.

Sandals are another matter altogether and I can't wait to shop for some new ones. You just need a new pair every year, don't you? And what are your summer essentials too?

eight things

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The lovely Victoria from Peacock Lace has tagged me to do this. I don't always do them but like to every now and then, as it's a great way for you all to find out a little bit more about me.

eight tv shows I watch

These are programmes I've currently watching or have watched recently in no particular order:

One Tree Hill

Gossip Girl
The Vampire Diaries


Boardwalk Empire

Cougar Town

[It is to be noted that Gilmore Girls, The OC and, of course, Friends are high on my list but I'm not watching them right now!]

eight favourite places to eat

TGI Fridays
Pizza Express

La Tasca


Bella Italia

House of Blues


and any of my local Chinese takeaways

eight things I'm looking forward to

My FMP deadline 15.04.11
New York 27.04.11

My 21st birthday 30.06.11

Graduation 19.07.11

General summer outings
V Festival 2011 19.08.11 - 22.08.11

Lee Evans 02.10.11

Asia trip

eight things that happened yesterday

Usual internet browsing


Phoned Autoglass

Yummy tuna/cheese pasta

Yoga 90210

eight things I love about winter

Snow days
Rosy cheeks

My leopard print fur coat

Eating more food than in the summer months
Christmassy outfits


Strictly Come Dancing

[Note: I hate winter]

eight things on my wishlist

To find an amazing writing job after my Asia trip
To own a walk-in wardrobe someday

To experience more festivals/gigs

To graduate from university with flying colours

To become fit and healthy

To own my dream home in the future

To make sure the Asia trip is not the only prolonged trip I take on

To cycle to my future job

eight things I'm passionate about






eight words or phrases I use a lot

Dry lunch
Yeah yeah
No way
Init bruv

eight things I've learned from the past

Everything happens for a reason
Don't write on a bad day

Warm up your stomach before eating a Chinese

Think before you act/speak

Leave notes everywhere otherwise you'll forget

A Lovetub can solve everything

Don't walk into things
Live life to the fullest; but it's ok to have a nothing day

eight places I would love to visit

Places I've never been to:



The Amazon Rainforest



But I would also like to do an American roadtrip and would love to go back to Australia. Oh, and everywhere else possible.

eight things I want or need

A fancy big camera

Boxsets to add to my small collection

A never-ending money pot for clothes/make-up?!

For my hair to grow even longer

To get a 90210 flat stomach
To find a cake that is zero calories

Effortless style
A beautiful dressing table

I think I'm meant to tag eight people but if you want to do it you can. I'd love to read it if you do, so let me know :)

actual magical powers

blue/green floral print dress: Pull & Bear
brown belt: New Look (with shirt dress)
black tights: Boots
brown brogues: Peacocks
stone ring: Boots
sunflower hair accessory: Claire's Accessories

So this dress has actual magical powers, I swear. It looks blue here, right? Kind of a dusty blue colour? Well, when I step outside it turns green - I really should have taken pictures to prove it, because I'm starting to think I'm crazy. Although, it's quite cool owning a magical dress. It was a Christmas present from my sister that I realised I haven't shown on here yet - I felt quite uncomfortable really because I normally wear more layers but I did apply my trusty denim jacket when I popped out to interview my friend Charlee for my project earlier.

I've also ever-so-slightly ombre-d my hair but you can't really tell. It looks more obvious in real life but it's still ridiculously subtle. I'm planning on going over it again soon to add more. I thought it was best to start small than completely mess up my hair? It's something I've wanted to do for ages so I'm glad I've finally caved.

So just a simple outfit today, but I did feel particularly good sitting 'round Charlee's house with the conservatory doors open and driving home with the windows rolled down. Spring is here! The sunflower in my hair was just completely necessary...

[Oh, as was the RAWR pose. I've never done one before. NOTE TO SELF: never do one again]

erdem lookalikes

Monday, 21 March 2011

The beautiful red lace dress from Erdem's Spring/Summer 2011 collection was bound to instigate copies and I am so so glad. I'll definitely be trying on the above Topshop number when I'm next out shopping, even if I don't purchase it. At £48, it's certainly a cheaper way to embrace the dress' beauty. There's also this cream lace skater dress from the petite section if red's not your colour.

I was originally going to wait to post about this because I've seen that some other very similar dresses from Reiss and French Connection are on sale soon but I just couldn't wait any longer. Besides, there are plenty of variations available already. There are sleeveless lace skater dresses like this cutie from Dorothy Perkins, but I'm particularly taken by their green belted number - I wore a similar dress in a rusty colour and belted it to a family thing the other week and loved it. If you have my Facebook, you'll see the pictures there.

If lace isn't your thing though, you could always go for a plain red skater dress like this one from missguided.co.uk or if you want a more demure-length and style, then this fuchsia dress from Next might be the way to go.

Obviously I don't know how everyone feels about copying the catwalk - and I'm certainly not one for doing it in general - but the Erdem dress is so sweet and flattering, that it seems a shame not to wear something like it. Besides, it does seem very Topshop. What do you think?

savage london

Saturday, 19 March 2011

This picture encompasses my last few days. I made my way to my sister's house in London on Thursday for a relaxing couple of days away from home. We wandered around Covent Garden where we took our obligatory pictures outside Savage London - I'm Rosie Savage, she's Natalie Savage... we embrace the name. We then walked in and saw this amazing tee! I very nearly bought it and probably will the next time I go there.

We spent the rest of the day meandering about the city, and had a delish meal at Chiquito where Natalie surprised me with tickets to see The Wizard of Oz, which was completely amazing. Anyone watch Somewhere Over The Rainbow last year? Danielle, the winner, was sick but I got to watch the amazing Sophie who was the runner-up. Goosebumps, as expected, and so so funny too. Toto was adorable!

Friday was spent relaxing at The O2, where we watched Unknown (fab!) and ate some gorgeous Thai food. I feel a bit piggy because I'm now about to gorge on some Chinese food with my bestie Charlee - we're going to completely slumber party it up tonight after a slight change in plans.

I hope everyone's had a good week and enjoy the rest of your weekends!

[More pictures to come hopefully AND this is my 100th post, amazing.]

eve is the apple of my eye

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

white crochet top: Dorothy Perkins
camel shorts: H&M
black booties: Marks & Spencer
black tights: Boots
apple necklace: Topshop
flower hairclip: Accessorize
stone ring: Boots
denim jacket: H&M

Pretty successful day today, yay! I had to go to uni for a tutorial and for once, I came out feeling quite happy. My tutor seems pleased with my work so far, which is always a mood-booster. Suddenly, the layout of my final product is forming in my head and up until today the aesthetic was pretty much non-existent.

I plan on working on some of that tonight, while secretly wishing it was Thursday. I'm meeting up with my sister in London and we're going to Chiquito for some lovely dinner and, more than likely, drinks. We're then going to proper slumber-party it up and spend the following morning at Borough Market for some munchies. I can't wait!

I also might be off out Saturday night for a friend's birthday where I intend on wearing a dress that is officially classed as a top on the website. LOL. This is how short I am, although my mother did exclaim: "You're going out in just that?!" Mothers, ay? It does cover ye olde buttocks and that's good enough for me.

A deserving few days ahead I think. Has anyone else got any exciting plans for this week?

it's what's underneath that counts

Monday, 14 March 2011

If you read my Facebook, you'll have seen that I said I'm craving some new underwear right now. It's not that anyone is actually going to see it - I know, how sad - but there's something about new lingerie that makes you feel so good.

In my mind, I want a really sweet but sexy black set like any of the black numbers above. I quite like the relaxed no-cup look - I guess I'll have to see how comfortable I feel without much support though! I'm actually in love with that first ASOS set for its I'm-sexy-but-will-cover-up-your-BELLEH nature. The Topshop 'soft orange silk' set is also lovely - what is it about the colour orange at the moment? It seems to be everywhere and that makes me happy.

I also can't help but lust after this teddy but feel my money is better spent elsewhere. Either way, I'll make sure I get one like it soon because sleeping in something that special is another mood-lifter. Maybe I'll rock it at V-Fest?!

me, myself and eye

Sunday, 13 March 2011

I confessed that I hate my eyes to a Benefit beautician today. I thought I'd be feeling better after a little sesh with her on how to make my eyes look bigger, how to make them 'nighttime' rather than 'daytime' and what products are completely amazing. I'm feeling a little downhearted though. Over make-up and your appearance, you say? Sadly, yes.

I have very small eyes to the point where even false lashes make me look like I'm in drag and many techniques I've tried just fail. After a FML make-up sesh ten minutes ago, I've decided to resort to photo-stalking for some inspiration/pick-me-ups.

Anybody else have the same problem? Got any tips?
My plan is to steal Marilyn Monroe's eyes. I think that has fundamental flaws though since it's illegal and, well, she's dead.

details of the day #3

Friday, 11 March 2011

wake up in a thankfully better mood than yesterday when i felt like eating my house's weight in cookie dough / do the regular of checking emails, blog, facebook, twitter, bank account bla / sing along to Adele in a not half-bad kind of way - realise that practically all of her songs relate to me right now, especially the line 'so i won't let you close enough to hurt me' / catch up on some Skins and 90210 before realising that no uni work got done yesterday - due to the crazyness that was me - and decide to get my arse into gear / write some beautiful words and try to sort out some illustrations for my final major project / finally look half decent and try on my new Clinique lipstick that i got free with April's Glamour - it's a little shinier than I tend to go but it's staying on remarkably well, win! / eat twiglets.

I now plan on continuing with some uni work and some reading, before enjoying a fish broth stew dish thing that mum prepared and stuck in the slow cooker all day. I'm a little excited, whereas she is, frankly, hysterical with excitement. My mum = special.

I'm then off out to my friend Carlo's house where my bestie Charlee will be too. We intend to warble out 'And IIIII am telllllling yoooooou, I'm not goooooing!' Any other Dreamgirls fans out there?! There has to be; it's fab.

Oh, and normally in my 'details' posts I don't mention what I'm wearing but these are my new shoes - i.e. the last purchase I'll be making for a while thanks to the ban - and I'm in love. I'm constantly seeing beautiful black wedges all over the blogosphere and these are now officially mine. Outfit post soon...

december will be magic again

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Resplendent with shimmering, delicate flower and bird prints and gorgeous statement collars, the Miu Miu Autumn/Winter 2011 collection was to-die-for. I was particularly taken by the sensational heels: an almost futuristic attempt at the shoes-and-socks trend that, thankfully, isn't dying. Not one to shy away from gold glitter, I especially loved it when salmon pink was teamed with it; and the mint combo was pretty special too.

Oh, I really really love it. And it was made all the better by a Kate Bush soundtrack.

birds of a feather

black crochet top: H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams
denim shorts: Topshop
feather necklace: Topshop
birdy ring: Primark
black and tan heeled sandals: Next
heart earrings: can't remember!
black tights: Boots

I woke up inspired by the beautiful sunshine that seems to be slowing disappearing. It keeps doing that doesn't it? Hence the semi tied-up hair, short shorts, cropped tee and sandals. I cannot wait to wear these new sandals tights-less: bit of nail varnish, maybe an anklet... dreamy! They're the sort of shoes that I know my nan or someone would just love because they're sensible and sturdy, but I still really love them. What do you think?

Today's outfit made me think of 'Birds' by Kate Nash:

Right birds can fly so high
And they can shit on your head
Yeah they can almost fly into your eye
And make you feel so scared
But when you look at them
And you see that they're beautiful

That's how I feel about you

one summer dream

Monday, 7 March 2011

£21.99 at missguided

When you're not allowed to do something, you'll only want to do it more. That's how I feel about my current shopping ban situation. I saw this dress a few days ago from missguided and desperately want it. The Peter Pan collar that just isn't getting old? Check. Capped sleeves? Check. Ever-so-slightly cinched-in waist? Check. Adorably beautiful pattern and design? Check and check. Although I'm more of a shorts-and-tee kind of girl, I hope to indulge in more sweet dresses like the one above this spring/summer.

SPEAKING OF SUMMER, at the train station today I found myself taking off my coat - I know! - and purposely standing on the wrong platform to glorify in the sunshine. I marveled at my lack of sunnies, taking a mental note to remember them from now on, and squinted at that beautiful blue sky. I like summer if that wasn't obvious.

Even more so this year too because I'm going to V Festival! Look at this bad boy:

I hope to enjoy V and a myriad of other things this summer and I CANNOT wait.

holy shirt!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

cream shirt dress: New Look
beige lace cycling shorts: River Island
black 'tum and bum' tights: Boots
sheepskin-lined clogs: Faith at Debenhams
anklet: Dorothy Perkins
chandelier earrings: Dorothy Perkins
gold plait bracelet: Dorothy Perkins
green glowstick: courtesy of Miss Charlee Lystor

I popped 'round my friend Carlo's house last night for his 20th birthday party - I had to be a major party pooper and leave early! These are just a few pictures I took whilst there. Note: girl on the left is Charlee, girl on the right is Charlotte. BIG SHOUT OUTS ;)

The shirt dress is now a new favourite of mine and I love it with my bargainous clogs I mentioned here. Practically all the jewellery was silly money, which is great, and the cycling shorts were £3 from River Island last week. I was actually looking for a black pair but decided these were slightly more interesting and hell, let's say it, raunchy. Ha.

I have now instigated a shopping ban for one month. This obviously excludes necessities but I'm going to be very strict. I'm only writing this here to remind me. I hope I can do it!


Thursday, 3 March 2011

Aforementioned friend also pushed this on me last week and I've listened to it an unhealthy amount of times. You all probably know I like me some Bon Iver and this cover of 'Skinny Love' is just beautiful. She's fourteen for crying out loud?!

special like... stop eating the paste, special?

sheer blue tee: Primark
black polka dot pleat skirt: Primark
black tights: Boots
brown brogues: Peacocks
owl pendant: Forever 21 (Florida)
rings: Dorothy Perkins

Another outfit post? Things are about to get interesting!

I quickly took these before going shopping - erm, again - with my friend Charlee. I wore some new purchases: the ever-surprising Primark tee that fits beautifully and a skirt from there too, which, aside from riding up ocassionally (see first picture) is actually pretty spesh. The owl pendant was bought last summer in Florida but hasn't been worn much recently. I don't know why. I noticed that owls were everywhere but decided this pendant had something different about it and completely fell for its quirkiness.

I ended up having a very lovely day - partly helped by the yummy toasted twister meal we both scoffed on at KFC - and a pretty fun evening too. Lets just say that my parents are just as odd as my brother and I, and the conversation turned ugly. As in whoever-thought-we'd-be-discussing-this-with-the-parents ugly. Larvley stuff!

rusty ducks

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

old (last summer)

floral print dress: Topshop
marching duck necklace: Topshop

cream knit jumper: New Look
black heels: Shoe Zone
black tights: Boots
red dot/blue stripe headband: Primark

sunglasses: The Emporium

An outfit post? Really? Finally I got off my arse and took some pictures. The last few days have - and I'm sure the upcoming weeks will be the same - consisted of me sitting in front of the computer doing work for my FMP. Some days it's true; I don't get out of my pyjamas, say, ever? But most days I just like to wear something comfy - cue slouchy dress and snuggly jumper.

Obviously the heels and sunglasses might have thrown you off a little but I thought I'd show you some new purchases. I bought the heels for about £9 in the sale because I don't have any 'traditional' black heels. The sunnies were a bargainous 25p from a shop called The Emporium in my nearest town; a shop full of some real gems. The frames actually have a tortoiseshell effect but I chose possibly the worst photo to showcase this...

I really should get on with some work now. And to top it off, I pulled muscles in my back and thighs at yoga on Monday somehow. Good one, Rosie.