details of the day #2

Friday, 25 February 2011

wake up feeling the same sick feeling i've had all week / weigh myself (it's a friday) and i've lost 2.5 pounds, yesss / get ready for uni / commit to my approx. 2.5 hour journey there / a regular day at uni: don't get told where the official hand-in place is, get some lunch at spoons and chat an irregular amount with friends, afternoon lecture that starts late and lasts about five minutes / train journey home: london victoria, why?! / come online and think... 'details' post as my face is not particularly cooperative right now but i haven't done an outfit post in a while... and here we are.

I'm about to enjoy chicken with roasted vegetables and cous cous ('they didn't add the second cous until 1979'; gotta love Chandler) courtesy of my mother and after that, I shall be researching and preparing some questions for an exciting email interview I have lined up for my Final Major Project. ALSO, I ordered the Sex and the City boxset (finally!) and plan on delving into that tonight.

Oh I do live the high-life, no?


  1. aw, well done at losing weight! i need to buy some scales but I'm too much of a scaredy cat ha! My days sound a lot like yours, a whole lot of back and forth and waiting for things that turn out to be a little disappointing!
    Your tea sounds goooood though! :) mm. Gotta love friends, my mum and me were trying to get a chair upstairs the other day and I just couldn't stop thinking of the PIVOT PIVOT episode, personal favourite! ahah, I love the way Friends is so relatable! :)
    Your images are lovely, I like the look of your shoes (from what I can see of them) :)

  2. ohh yum chicken:)! haha.. I know, I don't like little anoyying boys either. and good luck with stuff for your final major project;)!

  3. good luck for you FMP! feel better soon :)
    dont forget to take a rest ! :)

    ps: love the photo

  4. You've had a more interesting week than I have!

  5. yay, congratulations on the 2.5 pounds! wish i lost the same amount. ;) but anyways, chicken, roasted vegetables and cous cous sound delicious! all i had for today is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk. ;)

    <3, Mimi

  6. I really love the pic.. :)
    I like the skirt!!

  7. awww bless you seems like a fun week;) love the jeans! xx

  8. Haha, oh I adore chandler! and friends in general ofc, I found this video yesterday, it just cracks me up...

    Adorable shots btw lovely, hope you're feel better soon!

  9. congrats on the weight loss, i think i just add 2.5 pounds a week atm! SATC boxset and yummy chicken sounds like a good weekend plan to me!
    feel better soon xox

  10. Is it wise ordering a SATC boxset while you have loads of work to do? ;) or is it going to be a treat worth saving hehe. Lovely deets as always, the lace is sweet jazzy ♥

  11. Hi beautiful, your outfit seemed to be very cool.
    I hope you feel a little bit better.
    I would like to get to know you better!

  12. Such lovely little details
    Wow, you've been pretty busy!
    Good food and SATC sounds ideal
    Good luck with your project

  13. Love love love the look of your outfit- I've been after some polka dot shorts for a while (watching a few on Ebay..) and the top looks so pretty! ;) nice Chandler quote too xx

  14. From what I can tell, you looked the part of living the high-life today. Blue polka dots? Oxfords? Lace? All WONDERFULLY adorable things!

  15. That out fit looks so pretty!! And the food sounds so good!!


  16. great pictures!

    xx from germany

  17. Great post! Love those amazing cognac colored leather boots. xo style, she wrote

  18. what a lovely concept for a post, i love all of the details in your outfit! good luck with your final major project! xx


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