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Sunday, 2 January 2011

lilac lace shorts; £5
flower print body; £4
purple stone pendant; £4
black fedora; £3
lilac tee; £10
grey and black maxi skirt; £10

I was just browsing through the sale at River Island because I have a voucher and was pretty impressed that such good stuff had made it into the sale. I've never been massively into the brand - purely because it's a little too chavvy - but it's definitely had some lovely pieces lately.

Those gorgeous lilac silk shorts haven't sold out in any size, which shocks me a little. Paired with a chunky knit sweater and that gorgeous stone pendant? Is that just me? And sorry for the purple overload, but when it hit the high street last summer, I got a little excited and still haven't properly embraced the gorgeous colour. I also desperately want a perfectly-fitting maxi skirt for summer this year and, ideally, a cute fedora.

I'm a little excited for summer now - anyone else?


  1. Im excited for the summer as i have a lovely holiday planned!!


  2. Quite frankly purple is the best colour out there...said the purpleaholic hehe

    I've got so much really great stuff in the sales this season, it took some time hunting down the best buys but so totally worth it.

    That pendant is just lovely xx

  3. I'm really loving the lilac tee and shorts, I love t-shirts like that, for the gym and with skinny jeans. xxx

  4. I've only been back in Canada for 2 weeks and I am SO excited for summer haha. That stone pendant is gorgeous! I'm loving stones lately!

  5. I haven't actually checked out the River Island sale yet, but I must now! I loveeee the shorts & the hat!

    & I am so excited for summer, I know it's ages off yet and when it gets here it will probably be the biggest letdown ever, but I live in hope this horrible weather will disappear sharpish!


  6. i love that maxi skirt! will definitely be checking out the river island sale later :) xxx

  7. Was just planning a summery type post as it seems quite soon now :) also the lilac shorts are insaneeeely good. I just bought a skirt off the sale section but didn't see them, don't want to pay double postage.

    R x

  8. Love the tshirt, an item that could be very versatile x

  9. i know! i'v bought so many cute skirts and things that are so winter-inappropriate, i want the sunshine! xx

  10. £3 for that fedora?? I am definitely going in tomorrow!

    Happy new year x

  11. Join the club, it's negative temperatures outside, here in Toronto and I am dreaming about Summer too. I love purple, one of my most favorite colours on earth....all the shades of it are so equally majestic. :)

    I am new to your blog and just wanted to tell you that I adore your header. :)

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada


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