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Monday, 24 January 2011

I am in no way a beauty expert but from working at Boots, I've learned my fair share. I've always enjoyed facial skincare products anyway but since the launch of No7 Protect & Perfect Intense and all that shizz, I've been forced to pay even more attention. Did the scientific studies scare anybody else?!

Apart from the odd slip-up, I try to do a proper regime every morning and night now. This may seem like common knowledge but the following is the general consensus:

eye make-up remover / cleanser / toner / serum / moisturiser / eye cream

Obviously sometimes this changes: you won't remove eye make-up in the morning, nor do you have to use serum or eye cream if you don't wish to. I've also shown you some extras that I use. You're meant to exfoliate about once a week, and I've put the hot cloth cleanser there too because that's sometimes nice to use in the bath with all that luscious steam, ya? I also can't live without my Carmex, and find a strawberry mask irrestible.

Since taking more care, my skin is so much better - no lie. I'm hoping that by starting to use anti-ageing stuff at my age, I'll never grow old. Twenty forever - sounds good, right?

Does anybody else have a strict facial skincare regime, or any tips they wish to share?


  1. I wish we had A Boots here;( The only thing i do different is use an exfoliater that was formulated to be a daily exfolient. I hav sensitive skin so the results dont show right away, but after cumulative use, my skin looks better.

    Aesthetic Lounge

  2. cherry carmex is the best :D

    and soap and glory is just amazing


  3. I just moisturise and use a Clearsil 'skin perfecting' face wash. I've thought about using eye creams and stuff before, but didn't know if I was too young or not? I suppose it wouldn't hurt x

  4. I use the No.7 gentle clenser and my skin feels so much smoother, it also works for removing make-up but i use it in the morning also.

    I've been told to use anti-aging creams when im 25 as it'll be too harsh on my skin now because I'm 19.

    You can't go wrong with No.7 in my eyes, I don't moisturise though which may be bad, I usually use coco butter instead - is that moisturing? :P

    I shall have to check out the johnsons eye pads.. in need of some!

    Katie. x

  5. My skin is so sensitive that nothing ever works for it, it always causes it to go dry and red so I keep away from most products.

  6. Such great tips
    I try to do the whole regime whenever I can, but at the very least I have to take my make up off and moisturize
    Hah, anti aging products are the way forward!
    I've just started using mine

  7. Protect and Perfect all the way- I'm a mega-fan! I know they're anti-ageing but they're so good. I won't be swapping them for anything soon xxx

  8. Lovely blog! I was wondering if you specifically did a fashion journalism degree as that is what I want to go into. I would love it if you could give me some info! x

  9. lvoe the soap and glory products xxxx

  10. My face secret is honey, brown sugar and a bit of lemon juice! If you scrub with that and then rinse it works like a charm! Avocado masks are great too :) x

  11. Thanks for the comment, Im going to have to try one of those moisturizers.

    Check out my new post, I have some new stuff on sale!


  12. I try not to put too many chemicals on my face so I use simple porducts, their face wipes are amazing!


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