polka dot

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

polka dot tee: H&M
black pleat skirt: River Island
polka dot tights: Primark
black booties: Marks & Spencer
pearl bow necklace: Accessorize (Christmas present)

I felt quite uncomfortable wearing such a dark outfit, or at least an outfit with just two colours. But hey, one has got to try out new things once in a while. I've also come to realise that this outfit didn't photograph particularly well - I swear it looks better in real life! Anyway, rant over.

These are my favourite ever shoes ever. You probably think I'm a bit weird, as they're only black boots but they are definitely my kind of shoe. Their chunky heel, suede-ish texture and cute lace-up detail make me swoon, and they are by far the comfiest pair of heels I've ever worn. Marks & Spencer are upping the stakes, that's for sure.

I've got to spend the next couple of hours working on my dissertation (bla!) but tonight I'm taking my family out to an Italian restaurant for their main Christmas present. I expect to come home full to the brim with delicious pasta and some kind of magical dessert.

feel like a fifties housewife

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Thank you for all the lovely Christmas messages people have commented recently. I hope everyone had a wonderful few days of presents, argumentative family games, Christmas TV and a ridiculous amount of food, like me.

I'm a little clueless when it comes to new blog posts. Whether I drank too much over the Christmas period or work has drained me I do not know but I thought I would share some of my Christmas presents with you.

On Christmas Day, I pretty much felt like a fifties housewife. I got my asked-for sewing machine from John Lewis and a gorgeous Cath Kidston sewing basket (which I actually bought myself). I then got some sewing accessories from Ikea and the sewing book 'Make' from Cath Kidston. Hopefully, this little lot will actually teach me how to sew in a half-decent way.

I also got some baking trays, doilies, muffin cases and a really cute book called '30 Yummy Things To Cook and Eat', as well as 'Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals book'. I think my mum might want us to switch roles a la Freaky Friday?!

I also got some other wonderful presents that I'm about to sort through. I love this part.
What did everybody get? And did you all have a good Christmas?

have yourself a merry little christmas

Friday, 24 December 2010

This film is just wonderful, and this song even more so.
Have yourself a merry little Christmas :)

pink big

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

I don't know why this post is so delayed, because it probably won't be of much use to you now but still. I just have to talk about the Soap & Glory Pink Big tote bag. I work in Boots so because I was in-the-know, managed to nab one of these babies the day after they were released as the Offer of the Week.

There are apparently very few left and none available online so if you get one on the last day tomorrow, you're a lucky lucky thing. However, this is kind of my way of saying how much I love Soap & Glory and whether you get the bag or not, you should definitely try some products if you haven't already.

I especially love Flakeaway exfoliating scrub, Clean on Me shower gel and the Righteous Butter body butter. But everything is to-die-f0r. It all smells wonderful and works wonderfully, leaving a very happy Rosie who is pampered from head-to-toe. Try it - you won't be sorry. I would marry it all if I could...

fourteen questions

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I was tagged by Jess over at Boo You Whore (check her out now!) to answer these 14 questions. I'm happy to do it because I guess they're not your average questions, and hopefully this is another way for you all to find out a bit more about me...

1. What is your dream job?

Performing on stage every night in a hit musical in London's West End. I'd be the main character. I'd make people cry. With happiness, that is.

2. What is your favourite fragrance for winter?
I'd never really thought to divide my fragrances by season? Is this normal? But at the moment, I tend to wear Girard Provence Spring in the day and then Emporio Armani Femme for special occassions. I have way too many perfumes from working in Boots.

3. How do you take your tea/coffee?
I don't drink either. I've never liked coffee, and kind of hope I never do as it's so calorific! Tea makes my stomach hurt but I actually quite like the taste. I'm happy to not drink hot drinks but if I had to choose, it would be green tea or the occassional hot chocolate.

4. What is your most important beauty secret?
Use an intensive moisturiser on your legs and then wrap them in cling film. This should obviously be done at night, or people will think you insane. This is great for people like me, whose legs thinks it's hilarious to be as dry as tree bark.

5. If you had an all-expenses paid vacation, where would you go?

6. If a genie offered you three wishes right now, what would they be?
Longer hair.
£10,000 for my Europe trip - done with a little style, maybe.
A guaranteed job for when I graduate.

7. If you could only have breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert foods for the rest of your life, which would you pick?
Dinner because I think there would be more variety. I just love food.

8. What's your biggest beauty pet peeve?
Orange people.

9. If you could only wear one piece of jewellery for the rest of your life, what would it be?
That's ridiculously difficult. I don't really own any valuable jewellery, just costume so... Right now, it would have to be my recently acquired teddy bear necklace, because he's special.

10. What one talent do you wish you had?
I wish I could whistle, because I feel very left out when singing along to 'Whistle While You Work' and I have to hum.

11. Which product will you continue to purchase?
No7 Protect & Perfect serum, day cream and night cream. TRUST.

12. If you could look into the future, would you?
I'd love to be one of those people who are like 'No, of course not. What happens will happen.' But I'm not. Of course I would.

13. Who is your celebrity crush?
Where to start? Milo Ventimiglia, Alexander Skarsgard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Adam Brody, Robert Pattinson (I know, I know) and - I don't care that she's a woman - Natalie Portman.

14. What made you start a blog?
I originally got the idea from my course of Fashion Journalism at university, where they suggested that it's a great way to practice writing daily and get yourself out there. But now, I think I love it more for myself. I really do love writing, and I enjoy interacting with other bloggers and getting inspiration from their style. It's far more interesting than a magazine, I've come to realise.


Monday, 20 December 2010

burgundy button-down shirt: Topshop
denim button-down a-line skirt: Pull & Bear
black tights: Boots
tan suede wedges: Peacocks
cream wool cardigan: Dorothy Perkins
leopard print head scarf: New Look
bear necklace and scrabble ring: Birdy's Boutique

My Birdy's Boutique jewellery finally arrived today! The ring arrived broken but my trusty super-glue did the trick, and I'm loving my little bear, who I have decided to call Herbert. My friend and I were lusting after the Vivienne Westwood bear necklace a while back but I thought this was almost as cute.

I'm also wearing that Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint (what a mouthful, ay?) that I mentioned a few days ago (here) in Pink Princess. The packaging is pink, as is the name, but I would say it's more of a reddy-pink, right? I really like it though. Due to its water-base, I don't think it'll last as long as my trusty lipsticks but it's a darn sight easier to apply and doesn't go goopy at all so it doesn't really bother me. Result!

one hundred followers giveaway winner

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway a week ago!
The winner is heartshapedbruise :)

I'll email you for the details and then send it to you as soon as possible.

playsuits galore

Sunday, 19 December 2010

They may not be the most summeriest of clothing items, but damn I'm feeling the urge to go out and find the perfect playsuit. Every one I've ever tried on doesn't quite fit or has at least one thing wrong with it. Well, no more.

A friend of mine wore a playsuit to a party recently and looked ridiculously gorgeous, causing me to become a little obsessed with them. I'm particularly taken by the Urban Outfitters versions and ASOS beauties, although online shopping is probably not the best idea when I seem to have such problems buying one!

I can just picture wearing one... teamed with my new black booties, and some kind of hat that I am yet to purchase? Of course, at this time of year there would be an awful lot of layering too - yum!

Does anybody have the most perfect fitting playsuit? If so, where on earth did you get it?

OH, and this is your last chance to enter my giveaway because it ends at midnight tonight!

westfield london

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I went to Westfield in Shepherd's Bush for the first time today with my amazing sister. Apart from spending money we shouldn't have spent, we enjoyed a delicious Chinese lunch and an irrestistible pecan caramel brownie and hazelnut hot chocolate later on. Yum!

Who else has been? I actually really loved the Christmassy atmosphere and the overall glossy look of the place. I can't wait for the one in Stratford to open 'cause it's a little closer to home...

navy tee: Topshop
camel-coloured shorts: H&M
black tights: Boots
brown brogues: Peacocks
grey cropped sweater: Topshop
leopard print fur coat: New Look
carousel necklace: Accessorize
gold and cream ring: Boots

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max factor lipfinity lip tint pen

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

My excitement for make-up has slowly increased since working for Boots. Having always thought Max Factor was exceedingly good (I'm looking at you Colour Adapt and Pan Stick!) I was pretty excited to open an email all about this amazing new lip pen. Lipsticks have only been a recent splurge of mine, but I just have to buy this new invention. I'm no good at make-up facts, so here is what the people over at Max Factor have to say about it. We'll ignore the fact that they're totally biased:

'Lipfinity Lip Tint Pen has a non-transferable water based formula that doesn't just sit on top of your lips but permeates the upper layers for a stunning kiss-proof effect. And its nifty pen applicator is perfect for precise application so you can build up the colour as much as you dare or keep it light and simple – you're in control!'

The colours currently available are Pink Princess, Berry Burst and Royal Plum, with Marshmallow and Nice 'n' Nude on the way. I'm hoping to go for a light pink shade (possible Pink Princess?) because most of my lip shades are in the red department. I'll let you know what it's like if you so wish, and maybe then you can pick one up for yourself!

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one hundred followers giveaway

Sunday, 12 December 2010

I am ridiculously happy about making it to one hundred followers and really want to host a giveaway to say thank you, as per blogging tradition! I found this really sweet necklace whilst shopping today and thought it would be perfect. Here's how to enter:

1. Follow my blog via Google/Blogger
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4. Comment with your number of entries and email address so I can contact you if you win!

I will close the giveaway on Sunday 19th December.
You have one week to enter: good luck!

[I took this opportunity to show you my new jumper that I did manage to purchase from the men's section at Primark. I've sort of been living in it all weekend... yum!]

there's something about carey

Saturday, 11 December 2010

OK, so it pains me to think about the New Year before we've even had the chance to celebrate Christmas but my subscriber's copy of ELLE arrived yesterday. Now I'm all for a good magazine cover but I'm not one to gush. However, Miss Mulligan came as a wonderful surprise to me - I didn't even know she was on the cover but was so happy when I saw her naturally beautiful face, surrounded by no gimmicks.

Oh dear. I sound like Simon Cowell now, right?

kenna bonnie

Friday, 10 December 2010

These beautiful, what I like to call, desert-boots-with-a-heel need to make it into my life somehow. The Kenna Bonnie from Clarks is available in 'aubergine' and 'grey suede'. I would have to go for the 'aubergine' pair - if I had £69.99 to spend on such a thing - because the burgundy trend has grabbed me by the ears.

I currently own a pair very similar in black (from good ol' Marks & Sparks) and they are amazingly comfortable and effortlessly stylish. They are my go-to shoes for any event or, well, ordinary day if I feel like wearing a heel.

Which colour is your favourite?
And are they as irresistible to you as they are to me?

happy happy

I don't really want to get into a blog state where I apologise for a lack of posts, because I think we all realise that other stuff goes on outside this little world we've created for ourselves. Even if sometimes I'd like to stay in this world for a whole weekend! But JUST in case you were wondering, a workload the size of Jupiter took over my life.

It's completely in the past though because today was my hand-in day. Yipee! I'm so chuffed, hence the image, and might even give myself a mini-break before delving into the delightful dissertation. Well one can dream, right?

I'm also ridiculously happy about the fact that I won a competition to go to New York next April with my university, where I get to: meet Parsons students, attend lectures and seminars, go to galleries and other exciting places, as well as sightsee like I never thought was possible. I honestly can't wait! I was meant to go to New York a few years back with my high school but it never quite happened, so I feel that this is my time now, eek!

How has everybody else's week been?
Oh, and I will now kick it up a notch on the posting-front. SOZ.

christmas work doooo

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

On Sunday night I went to my Boots Christmas meal/dancey dancey thing. It was so much fun and the dancing was amazing... although a few newer tunes would have been appreciated.

Sorry for the poor quality picture on the left (mothers, ay?) but it's the only full shot of my outfit. I really love this sixties-inspired dress and although you may not be able to see, it hosts a sweet Peter Pan collar. Finally, I own one! I'm always wearing - though you definitely can't see them - my favourite pair of shoes.

I decided to put my hair up, which basically never happens and quite liked the final result - obviously lots of my hair fell out at the sides but that's natural with layers. I might start doing it more often now I know my thick hair can handle it - it only fell out once, score!

Has anybody else been to a Christmas doo-da yet? Oh, and here's a radio-inspired comment: big shout-out to Amy and Charlee (with me in the picture).

black lace shift dress w. peter pan collar: New Look
black shoe boots: Marks & Spencer
black tights: Boots
earrings: can't remember!
rings: Dorothy Perkins and Accessorize

OH, and also... I just want to say how amazingly ecstatic I am that I've reached (and passed!) 100 followers. Without sounding too gushy, I am so thankful for each and every one of you and love having you around ;) I will be hosting a giveaway as soon I've thought of something to offer and set-up for you wonderful people. Right now though, I have a deadline looming. Wish me luck!

jumpers jumpers

Monday, 6 December 2010

I have a bit of a thing for chunky knitwear, especially of the pull-over-your-head variety. They're just so easy to wear and perfect for the chilly weather. And it doesn't have to look boring or even like you've made no effort if you go all-out on your hair or accessories.

I might be doing a small Christmas shopping trip at some point this week and intend on looking for some more gorgeous jumpers - from looking at other blogs, I'm totally heading for the men's department at Primark if the queue doesn't make me want to hurl!

Who else loves a good ol' jumper, particularly of the fairisle variety?

snow day

Thursday, 2 December 2010

I know my mum and I look like such losers (which we kind of are) but we're practising our yoga skills. I yoga on a Monday evening with her, as of a few weeks ago, and completely love it. This is us doing the 'chair' pose... or as we like to call it: the 'toilet' pose. We're not mental... it all started because we didn't want to sit on the chairs that were covered in five inches of now. Logic, right?

Then that's me at the top on a walk back from the shops for desperately needed supplies and with my amazing brother, who really should stop growing.

How has everybody elses snow day been? If you have had one that is...

coat: Dorothy Perkins
tights: Boots
scarf: hand-me-down
hat: Topshop
velvet gloves: H&M
hiking boots: no idea!

imaginary christmas list

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Every now and then I'll peruse net-a-porter, pretending I'm actually as rich as can be. And even though I've already asked for stuff for Christmas, what's not to say my parents won't look at my blog and think, you know what, she deserves an overpriced piece of joy? Well, a girl can dream.

clockwise from top left:
Stella McCartney Molly Humming camisole & hipster briefs, £150 for both
Roberto Cavalli amethyst pendant necklace, £405
Erdem Vittoria patchwork silk dress, £1215
é suede and leather ankle boots, £470
Yves Saint Laurent arty glass ring, £115
Moschino Cheap and Chic chiffon and lace mini dress, £470
Proenza Schouler PS1, £1255
3.1 Phillip Lim shearling and suede jacket, £1290

It really is completely imaginary because the amazing PS1 is out of stock and I can see why! Such a dream. I adore every piece but especially crave said bag, the beautiful arty ring (which I have been wanting for a very long time) and the gorgeous jacket. Oh, and the sexy lingerie set... you know what, screw it, I want it all - plus everything else the website has to offer.

Happy 1st December everybody!
What's on your imaginary christmas list?