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Saturday, 11 December 2010

OK, so it pains me to think about the New Year before we've even had the chance to celebrate Christmas but my subscriber's copy of ELLE arrived yesterday. Now I'm all for a good magazine cover but I'm not one to gush. However, Miss Mulligan came as a wonderful surprise to me - I didn't even know she was on the cover but was so happy when I saw her naturally beautiful face, surrounded by no gimmicks.

Oh dear. I sound like Simon Cowell now, right?


  1. I love this cover too, she's so cute!
    And I love your blog. X

  2. You love Harry Potter and Twilight and on this post there is an Elle Magazine! I mean COME ON I am already your number one follower! *I am literally praying to the screen right now!* haha Nice to meet you in 'the blog world' Lol! xx

  3. ....AaaaaAAAaaAAAAaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!! I LOVE this post!!!!! ☺

    Was that good enough? Are you getting excited!? I am! ♥ xx

  4. I love this magazine!

  5. aww i love her hair cut, shows off her natural beauty :)

  6. Ooh I'm addicted to Elle magazine...
    I love Carey Mulligan, her general look and approach to the acting world is so refreshing! Have you seen her in 'An Education'? It's such a wonderful film, there's something about her character that seems so sincere and accessible, it really is lovely.

  7. I saw this cover and read an interview with her in another magazine. Can't believe she said she only cut her hair off because of a bad dye job and yet it suits her so well. She is beautiful.

  8. Carey is so stunning a real natural beauty.

  9. i loved this cover! i got it yesterday too, she looks amazing. carey (L) x


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