kenna bonnie

Friday, 10 December 2010

These beautiful, what I like to call, desert-boots-with-a-heel need to make it into my life somehow. The Kenna Bonnie from Clarks is available in 'aubergine' and 'grey suede'. I would have to go for the 'aubergine' pair - if I had £69.99 to spend on such a thing - because the burgundy trend has grabbed me by the ears.

I currently own a pair very similar in black (from good ol' Marks & Sparks) and they are amazingly comfortable and effortlessly stylish. They are my go-to shoes for any event or, well, ordinary day if I feel like wearing a heel.

Which colour is your favourite?
And are they as irresistible to you as they are to me?


  1. Oh wow YWS! aubergine get in my life! Amazing, I love a mid heel shoe boot! Oh and mega congrats on the NY competiton you will adore it! Xx

    :):) xx

  3. I like the aubergine, such a gorgeous colour! <3

  4. Ooooh these are gorgeous and would go with anything.

  5. Wow - I loooove these!! I definitely would love to have this style shoe in my closet!

    KF x

  6. love these. i adore the aubergine ones x

  7. These are lovely, nearly bought a pair like them from office a couple of months back :) i never really wear heels though, only own one pair.. xx


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