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Friday, 10 December 2010

I don't really want to get into a blog state where I apologise for a lack of posts, because I think we all realise that other stuff goes on outside this little world we've created for ourselves. Even if sometimes I'd like to stay in this world for a whole weekend! But JUST in case you were wondering, a workload the size of Jupiter took over my life.

It's completely in the past though because today was my hand-in day. Yipee! I'm so chuffed, hence the image, and might even give myself a mini-break before delving into the delightful dissertation. Well one can dream, right?

I'm also ridiculously happy about the fact that I won a competition to go to New York next April with my university, where I get to: meet Parsons students, attend lectures and seminars, go to galleries and other exciting places, as well as sightsee like I never thought was possible. I honestly can't wait! I was meant to go to New York a few years back with my high school but it never quite happened, so I feel that this is my time now, eek!

How has everybody else's week been?
Oh, and I will now kick it up a notch on the posting-front. SOZ.


  1. Eee congrats on winning the competition! I'm insanely jealous of you right now (:

  2. WOW New York- thats incredible I am so jealous! You'll have the best time :) xxx

  3. Can't believe you're going to New York. I'm so, so jealous x


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