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Friday, 26 November 2010

I was tagged by a wonderful blogger, The Dandizette, to compile a list of ten things I love right now, so here goes:

1. lipstick

A recent obsession of mine has been lipstick. My colours of choice are bright reds, orangey reds, only-just-visible shades and pinky hues. I do own a darker shade (like the colour the girls are wearing in my November Inspiration) but I'm too sure if it suits me.

I just think lipstick can completely change your look and really lift an outfit.

2. vegetables

People think I'm crazy but I just LOVE vegetables. Definitely my favourite kind of food!

3. multiple rings

A lot of people are sporting this almost-hippie look of adorning every finger in a sweet-arse ring. I am one of those people. My collection is slowly growing, and I try to wear a couple everyday. The problem is, I'm not exactly rich and so buy rings that give me blue fingers. This results in not wearing any for a few days while my fingers return to their normal selves. This can't be good, right?

4. travelling/visiting new places

I love visiting other countries. My favourite places I've seen so far have been Prague, Australia, California and Venice. Heaven! I'm also hoping to travel next summer across a few European countries - I particularly want to see Florence (above) and Barcelona.

5. painted nails

Although I'm awful at painting my nails, I love it and the finished look. My favourite colours right now are Mushroom by Barry M (even though the quality is god awful), Vintage Pink by Models Own and Grace Green by Models Own.

6. billy joel

I just love him.

7. cake

Second to vegetables is CAKE. It's the ultimate indulgence and I could eat it all the live-long-day, if not for the waistline. The above picture of cake on a lolly stick is my idea of heaven.

8. tights

I feel so at ease in tights compared to trousers: they're so comfortable and easy. Admittedly, I normally just wear plain ol' black ones because they, obviously, go with everything. But now and then, I do like to mix it up with a stockinged pair (like the ones above), some spotty ones or a freaky pair. Back in my Sixth Form days, I used to wear brightly coloured tights (yellow, red, green, blue, purple - you name it!) every day. That fashion phase is gone now (thank the lord) but it could resurface...

9. reading

This image is so true, ha. Reading is my ultimate pleasure. At the moment, I'm so swamped with university work that I haven't read for pleasure in, what seems like, an eternity. I can't wait 'til the chaos is over so I can get onto reading that Jill Mansell novel I ordered months ago.

10. my wand

That's right: my Harry Potter wand ;)


  1. oh my! do we have the same wand? i got mine at harry potter world..did you go?
    i love veggies too :)


  2. I always feel a bit glam when I wear lipstick, haha. Does that sound a bit pre-teen or what?! There are so many places I want to travel to :/ I love high denier tights. Bloody lovely. Can't say I've ever dabbled in the coloured tights thing before! Oof, jealous of the wand ;) Have a lovely weekend sweet.

  3. I have a pair of navy tights and I wear them ALL THE TIME!

    How cute is it that you have a harry potter wand, where did you get it!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Oh, your list sounds so much better than mine! Ha, ha!!! xx

  5. These are great. I love vegetables and multiple rings, too. ;) Your blog is very interesting, I enjoy reading it. :)

  6. damn sooo cute. i really like the rings and the colour of that chanel nail polish and those cute tights!!!

  7. I want to buy some red lipstick. I just have to find the perfect shade. Also I always feel better when I have nail polish on my nails. Also I want those tights!

  8. Oh I love your picks! Where are you thiking of going traveling? Where did you go in Oz? Loving the wand!


  9. Lovely list m'dear
    Where did you get your wand?!
    Let me guess... Ollivanders on Diagon Alley? ;)
    Haha,seriously it's ah-mazing!


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