mary janes

Friday, 5 November 2010

These Topshop 'Greta Square Toe Mary Janes' - priced at £60 - are just to die for. I love the sixties vibe thrown everywhere at the moment and hope to embrace it with loving arms with a looming shopping trip. It doesn't mean I'll get a pair of these beauties because they are selling out super fast but perhaps with a big-brimmed hat, a loose-fitting shift dress with an embarrassingly short hemline or a drastic hair cut?

Are you 'feeling' the sixties vibe?


  1. Oh wow those shoes are just beautiful!

  2. yes yes yes, i WANT these shoes! i love the nude ones so much.

  3. Love you blog, and great post! I hope you also will visit or follow mine!

  4. Oh, so beautiful.... thanks for sharing:)))))


  5. I had a pair of mary janes when I was 12 and got bullied for wearing them ....if only they knew that 15 yrs on they would more than likely be buying a pair from Topshop. Thank you for sharing these, I am loving your blog, you have a really great layout xxxx

  6. The moment I saw these shoes on Topshop's website, I fell in love. I am a huge fan of 60's style and I am so glad there are so many new pieces to choose from that I don't need to solely rely on vintage anymore!


  7. oooh those nude shoes are amazing, there is something so elegant about nude shoes:)


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