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Thursday, 11 November 2010

I mentioned dotcomgiftshop in a previous post about my christmas wishlist and deemed it appropriate to mention them again, as they're just so damn cute. Their selection is varied and the items they carry are adorable, ranging from crockery to decorations to cushions. I've selected a few of my favourite pieces above - with the owl doorstop being my number one! - and aren't those christmassy things perfect too? They have such fun christmas decorations and that old-fashioned advent calendar is just beautiful.

The website really gets me in a homey mood. My situation does not match this: I still live at home, in a bedroom/study of my parents that doesn't reflect my taste in the slightest. Boo. Looking at dotcomgiftshop and images like those below (Zara Home & Urban Outfitters Home - lush) makes me so excited to own my own place someday, where I intend to decorate to my heart's content.

I guess I'll just have enjoy wishful thinking 'til then...

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