Wednesday, 17 November 2010

I hopped onto the graze bandwagon at the end of last week and I'm so glad I did. graze is a company who believe in healthy eating that actually tastes good. They say:

"Before graze, we couldn't get through the day without our daily muffin fix. So we tracked down healthy foods that actually taste good and started putting them in a box. Now we eat lots more healthy food and far fewer muffins."

The best thing about this website is that you get to choose the day your box gets delivered - great if you have a day planned out where you'll want lots of nibbles! - and you get to rate the different foods on offer on their website, making sure that you won't get sent olives if you hate olives or cranberries if you hate cranberries. The box is also quite small so can be taken around easily in your bag!

I'm so happy with my graze box. As you can see, I got:
* great fire dragon
* yin & yang
* honeycomb flapjack
* west country cheddar, red onion & chutney focaccia

I literally just got it (our postman hates us) so I haven't devoured everything yet. Although, whilst typing this, the box of great fire dragon has slowly been mauled to death. YUM.

graze seem to always have an offer on, but if you want your first box totally free, just enter this code:


Happy graze-ing!


  1. I really want one of these but the majority of things have nuts in :(

    R x

  2. I've been thinking of getting one for a while. I really like the sound of the things you've picked - nom nom.

  3. Ooh I really need to get around to ordering myself one!

  4. Hmmm, kinda cool, Im a "grazer" during the day anyway, but it is hard to graze healthfully...this could be genius!!

  5. Thanks for the tip, I paired the top with a see through vest today..
    Graze always looks so cute but I find it kind of pricey when you consider the small amount you actually get. But I love that you discover new foods and can just pick at it all day..(or scoff the lot in an hour :P) xx

  6. What a fantastic idea and they do look amazing. I always find it really hard to find healthy food I actually want to eat so this is a god sent!


  7. :O that actually looks so good!! i need me some of that :)
    great blog!
    loving the posts
    stop by some time xx

  8. I have been meaning to order one for some time now. I think I shall!


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