a friend's birthday

Monday, 29 November 2010

On Saturday night, I celebrated my friend Ross' birthday with some other friends. This is me with the lovely ladies of the evening [left-to-right: me, Charlotte, Charlee & Sophie) being sensible and then not-so-sensible. We are a little odd.

It was a night filled with Schloer (for me anyway, the others weren't so sober!), shivering (we were in a shed... I mean, 'game room') and charades (which I ROCKED at).

And actually being his birthday today, Happy Birthday Ross!

leopard print dress: Dorothy Perkins
chunky cardigan: Dorothy Perkins
scarf: hand-me-down
duck necklace: Topshop sale
rings: Dorothy Perkins
tights: Boots


  1. say happy bithday to Ross for me!
    sweet pics!

  2. Love charades, I'll take any excuse to play, as I usually only get away with it at Christmas!

    Penny x

  3. You and your friends are gorgeous! (PS- so glad that British-y names are catching on, like Charlotte and Sophie. There are enough Jaydens and Haydens in America, hee hee)

    Love that leopard dress!

  4. That's so funny. My best friends always throw great birthday parties. :)


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