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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

So I thought I'd show you what my face looks like most days and give you the low-down on what's in my make-up bag at the moment. I love seeing what everybody else buys and uses; it's such great inspiration.

Right, so here goes:
MaxFactor Colour Adapt foundation in Creamy Ivory
MaxFactor Pan Stick in Fair OR Benefit Boi-ing for concealing
Benefit Erase Paste
17 Pressed Powder in Delicate Beige
Benefit Dandelion blusher
Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel
Bourjois Ombre Stretch eyeshadow in Flexi Brown
No7 Intense Volume mascara in Black

So that's the stuff I put on every day (unless I'm having a lazy day at home) but there are other bits and bobs I use ocassionally like Benefit Lemon Aid brightener and Benefit That Gal primer. I also obviously change up the eye make-up every now and again and regularly use Colorsport 24-Hour Black Eyeliner because it's out-of-this-world. Eyeshadow colours change ocassionally but I really like my current brown shade. My mascara changes a lot once I've finished what I'm on because I'm never satisfied! I recently bought loads of Bourjois mascaras for about 50p at work and can't wait to use them.

I also dyed my hair the day before yesterday, and I have to admit I didn't think it would be quite so dark. My hair was just all over the place colour-wise and totally root-tastic, so I decided to give it an all-over colour to get it looking somewhat normal. I've dyed my hair countless times and am forever wondering what colour to go for next but I'm actually quite content with this shade, even though it wasn't quite what it showed on the box... what do you think?

floral print skater dress: H&M
black tights: Boots
scissor pendant: Topshop

[Obviously I realise the outfit isn't quite season-appropriate, especially today (um, snow much?), but I'm currently in a toasty-ish house and this dress is uber comfy-liscious!]


  1. your hair looks great, i think its a very nice colour. it really makes your eyes pop!

  2. rosie, you look so gorgeous! I love the hair colour.

    I've never tried maxfactor foundations! your skin looks flawless. what's the erase paste like? is it like a concealer?

    your yellow walls are awesome...if that's your bedroom i'm super jealous :)


  3. Your hair looks beautiful and the shade really suits you (: I also use No7 mascara. It's always been my favourite if I'm honest. I love your dress here but agree that it should be teamed with a billion layers outdoors. It's so so so so cold!

  4. Loving the new hair colour :) x

  5. I like your hair, it looks shiny and healthy. I think I might try color-sport eyeliner if I can find it. I hate eyeliners that glob up in the corners of my eyes or on the creases...by the way, I am never satisfied with my mascara either.


  6. Loving the new hair it looks lovely and glossy! Plus I think it's quite nice to have dark hair at winter and then go lighter again when it's summer x

  7. I love that hair colour on you! It looks really healthy and shiny, thanks for the make up post, going to upgrade mine soon so some great ideas. How thick is the snow near you? It's only about 2 inches deep here but I still had 7 layers on.


  8. I really need to change up my foundation. I love MAC powder but I want to try something different. I'm so mad that stop selling MAX Factor in the US. They had such great lip products and eyeliner that I loved.

  9. LOVE the hair colour! I'm thinking of colouring mine and just can't decide between lighter or darker...x

  10. i love your hair! personally, im a fan of the dark color. but you have to be happy :)

  11. Your hair is a lovely colour! Espesh for winter. Your dress is also lovely - I heart skater style dresses. Don't own one though, darn it.


  12. I love your hair and your dress! Oh and the photos are great :) x

  13. you rhair looks fab, it really suits you. I might do a makeup post soon. but I dont wear a lot :)




  14. That dress is awesome. I really love it. :) The new hair colour looks great on you, too!

  15. I LOVE YOUR NEW HAIR COLOR! you look gorgeous!

  16. Adorable flower dress!

  17. Your hair looks really lovely!
    Adorable skater dress btw, I love the pink floral print ;)

  18. your hair looks great and your dress is lovely!

  19. your hair is great! nice blog



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