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Thursday, 25 November 2010

I bought this beaut of a bag off Ebay last week. I think it's perfect bar the size - perfect colour, perfect strap length, perfect structure etc. The problem is, as you can probably tell, it barely has any room in there. I can't even fit my purse inside, which basically makes the bag useless to me. How annoying! I don't want to get rid of it, even though it wasn't the cheapest Ebay purchase. What shall I doooo?

And I apologise for this awfully-shot photograph but my tripod (yesss, I ordered a tripod!) hasn't arrived yet. It was sorta awfully balanced somewhere in my porch... but anyway, this is what I wore today.

off-white blouse: charity shop find
khaki cardigan: Peacocks
burgundy shorts: River Island
brown brogues: Peacocks
leopard print headpiece: Topshop
black tights: Boots

Oh, also: apologies for the pose. I suck.


  1. Dear lord, this bag is absolutely beautiful. Like you said, it's a shame it isn't bigger :/ Oh well, it'll be nice for times when you don't really need a lot on you. Have a lovely weekend sweet.

  2. Shame about the bag, its lovely, can't you buy a coin purse and use it like you would a clutch? loving the balancing of cameras on the porch, I use a vase stand with a shoe box on top!

    Lovely outfit.


  3. ohhhhhh the bag is a beaut - please don't get rid of it!! xx

  4. I have a few gorgeous bags with minimal room and on those days you just have to minimise. Use a small pocket as s purse, just take your money ID and most used card. Only take bare essentials out- you'll find that you can survive! Deffo worth it for this gorgeous sexy bag!! xx

  5. love your shorts but wow that bag is absolutely stunning! please please please don't get rid of it as you will regret it! (unless you want to pass it on to me that is :P) x

  6. i agree with everyone - don't get rid! i'm sure you can find a way to make it work :)
    pretty blouse, jealous you found it in a charity shop!

  7. ohh that is a very cute bag! you can just use it for the very important things.

    i love the shoes. the shorts are cute!


  8. stunning pictures



  9. Your bag is gorgeous! With small bags, I tend to put my vital purse items in a small purse or keep it in a pocket? I love your cardigan, shorts and headband (:

  10. I want the bag !! very vintage !
    wanna follow each other dear ?


  11. Beautiful outfit, beautiful pose! :)
    Please check out/follow my blog. Love yours!


  12. What a beautiful bag! I have one similar to that, which basically fits my purse and keys and that is it. Good only for when you're going out for a drink or something maybe? :)

  13. Oh that bag is gorgeous! Keep it definitely. It's bound to come in handy for something. :)

  14. Oh no! Situations like this pull at my heartstrings! (I'm that shallow). I've been meaning to do the blog thing you tagged me in and will hopefully get round to it this weekend, just feels a bit odd writing about me... Just though I'd mention it as I didn't want you thinking I was ignoring it :o)

    Penny x

  15. Absolutely gorgeous bag! Very chic!
    Your blog is great, I'm a follower now.
    I hope you check mine out too!


    xx. VLM.

  16. oh gosh...the bag...it's gorgeous!

  17. hello, thanks for your lovely comment :) and for following.

    that is such a nice bag, i have one simular...same problem as yours, its a tad small!

  18. Wow, that bag is incredible! Did you keep it in the end? I hate it when you buy stuff and then when it arrives, it's smaller than you thought. Or not what you were expecting in some other way. Gorgeous find! I'm jealous - I can never find anything as nice as this on eBay x x


  19. What a gorgeous bag! just discovered your blog & I love it x


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