black booties

Sunday, 14 November 2010

[clockwise from top-left: Topshop, Clarks, H&M & River Island]

I'm in desperate need of some cutie-pa-tootie black booties! My current pair are a bit dated and, shall we say, holey: resulting in a not-so-happy Rosie last year at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park freezing due to wet feet.

Have completely fallen for River Island's lace wonders but thought I'd show you some others that have caught my eye. I might take a wee shopping trip tomorrow for a few bits and bobs and will definitely look those babies up - only £29.99, who could resist?

P.S. I'm a loser. I just had some more beautiful comments awaiting me this evening and I deleted them. I'm just so used to deleting the majority of my emails, that it was just habit. I did actually read them though, so I'm sorry if yours is one of the deleted! I'm very annoyed. *Doofus*


  1. haha bummer about the comments :/ I really love those clarks booties!


  2. I found some nice ones in Topshop a few weeks ago :) I really like the ones with the pattern on though.

  3. i'd say these are like, a loafer-boot hybrid! a loot. or a boofer :D x

  4. Trust the ones I like to be from an expensive shop. :) I am very much liking the River Island ones. xx

  5. omg, I think I'm in love with the lace booties!

  6. i so wish we had river island in the us, they've got the best shoes!


  7. I love those lace boots, so sophisticated! Thanks for the comment back, I am definitely following:)


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